2014-05-08 / Outdoors

Emerald Ash Borer discovered by DNR in downstate Aloha State Park

CHEBOYGAN – Department of Natural Resources officials recently have found evidence of the emerald ash borer, an invasive species that targets ash trees, at Aloha State Park near Cheboygan. Aloha State Park is a popular northern Michigan destination for many campers during the summer.

This season, because of the damage to the trees, campers will see a change in the campground. Ash trees once made up about 85 percent of the trees within the campground. Over the past six months, approximately 400 dead ash trees have been removed from the park.

“The speed at which these trees have died is the most striking thing to me,” said Aloha State Park Supervisor Jeremy Spell. “Trees that looked healthy during the summer had bark falling off this winter.

Since these trees were in the campground area, the park worked during the winter to remove the dead trees for campers’ safety. Park staff is now removing stumps and doing general cleanup.

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