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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

My husband was born and raised in Cooks. We were married in 1974 and decided that Cooks was where we wanted to raise our family. It has been everything we expected. Everybody helping each other, even people you don’t know willing to help in a time of need. Then came “windmills” or wind turbines to be correct.

As I sat in the county meeting discussing windmill zoning, I saw the division develop, those for on one side, those against on the other side. The look of fear that you might upset your neighbor changed to anger as people on both sides stated their position. I would never have believed this could happen in Cooks.

The only way to stop this madness is to sit down together, face to face, and work it out. Let’s “not” believe government, big business, nor the Internet. Let’s take a year, form groups from both sides, go to wind farms, and get our own facts.

Everyone should work toward a one year moratorium, get the facts, and work out a way to save our community.

Jan Carley


Dear Editor,

Many people see nurse practitioners for their health care throughout the UP. A nurse practitioner is considered an advanced practice nurse, who has earned either a master’s or doctorate degree in nursing, and has passed a national certification test in a certain specialty field of practice (like family, pediatrics, women’s health, etc.). These NPs provide health care services to the residents of Michigan now currently under the delegation of physicians. In many states, this delegation is not required. We currently have an opportunity to improve the health care working climate for NPs with the passage of Senate Bill 2. If passed, Senate Bill 2 would define the advanced practice nurses in our public health code based on national standards used by other states. It would authorize APNs/NPs to practice to the full extent of their master’s or doctoral education and board certification. It would improve consumer choice and provide greater direct access to qualified health care providers. It would also remove unnecessary barriers to care.

The NP that you currently see writes your medication prescription under physician delegation, if this bill passes then the NP would be writing the prescription under his/her own name. Currently in Michigan NPs cannot order physical therapy. NPs can see you, assess and diagnose the problem, and identify the need for physical therapy as a treatment, but NPs are not allowed to sign the order for this. Senate Bill 2 would eliminate this barrier.

If you see a NP as your health care provider, we need your help! Please contact your representative in the Michigan House of Representatives via phone, email, or letter and let them know about the care that you receive from your NP. Let them know that you support Senate Bill 2 and ask them to do the same. Senate Bill 2 passed the senate late in 2013; it has been introduced into the House Health Policy Committee, chaired by Rep. Gail Haines. The bill has not yet had a hearing, we are asking for this next step. Thank you for your help in this matter.


Myrth C. Condon,


President, Northern

Advanced Practices Nurses


Wetmore, Mich.

Dear Editor,

George W. Bush said we are addicted to oil. I don’t know if he was advocating we wean ourselves for national security reasons or for mitigating climate change. In either case, he would have been correct.

Ninety nine percent of climatologists throughout the world believe climate change is happening and that we are causing it. Why would anyone doubt them with all the evidence clearly supporting them? Don’t get caught up with the argument that, “a lot of scientists disagree”, most scientists don’t know; they’re not climatologists. We need to do our part to promote and generate clean energy. We can’t do much with solar up here, but if wind is viable, we should be willing to sacrifice a little and not expect others to be saddled with thousand foot smokestacks for our benefit.

We definitely have to get off fossil fuels for our own security. We have been held hostage since the early seventies by the oil companies, OPEC, and now Russia is in position to cut off vital supplies to our NATO partners. We would be up the creek if the price of imported oil suddenly went to $200 a barrel. Drill-baby-drill won’t do it. Anything that can be dug or piped from the ground can be, and would be, loaded on a ship and sold to the highest bidder. Electricity from green sources stays here. We have ties with Canada, but we import energy from them and the last I heard we didn’t have an interconnection with Mexico.

Yes, we might have to sacrifice, birds are killed, but up to a billion birds are killed by windows each year and we’re not going to give up windows. There is some noise, but I suggest stopping on the way to Garden and open your windows, you’ll hear a slight whoosh that won’t wake you as a train does at 3:35 a.m. Personally, I think they’re beautiful. Maybe it’s because I see all that free, nonpolluting energy that will save a mountaintop in West Virginia, allow a lot of people to breathe easier, and provide more national every year. security than the $500 million that Jude Collins we waste on military contractors Manistique

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