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From the Braver Institute

I promised myself that I would not write about the weather. In fact every morning I wake up and promise myself that I will not talk about the weather. Invariably I break that promise and usually it is broken fairly early in the day. In my defense it is frequently due to the fact that someone else brings up the topic, and out of courtesy I don’t ignore that which they have said, although I probably should.

Since I break my vow of weather silence daily I figured that I might as well go ahead and break my vow of textual silence as well.

By the time this goes to press I am hoping that I will sound foolish for writing about the miserable weather. I am hoping that by the time you read this we are solidly in the midst of something that will satisfactorily pass for spring, but at this moment, as I look out my window, it looks just as much like winter as January. They only exception being that the snow banks are a bit smaller.

A week earlier the weather briefly switched to a more agreeable state and I was happy. This week I have returned to being the miserable crank I have been for the last three months.

Normally I dislike winter because I have no use for snow. Typically I don’t mind the extremely cold days because I don’t have to shovel cold. This year we received cold in spades. The snow arrived in November and the cold came right on its heels and never went away. Normally we would have a few days above the freezing mark and maybe even a little rain, and these things would cause the snow to settle. But this year, with its extreme cold, the area I live in received an average (or less than average) amount of snowfall— but since it did not settle the way it normally does, it looked like we had more snow than has been seen in decades. I do know that I have shoveled relatively few times this winter and I believe that all of the local school cancellations were due to cold and not a one of them was because of snow.

This year I dislike winter for all aspects of it. I am tired of walking outside and instantly thinking of how cold it is. Single digit temperatures in April are a bit tough to take.

Last year on this page I wrote a letter to winter letting it know that I was through with it and planned to largely ignore it from that point forward. I had assumed that I wrote that letter around the same time of year. Upon looking through my archives I found that the publication date was March 28th, 2013—almost a full month earlier.

Digging around the archives of the National Weather Service I found that we finally lost our snow cover somewhere near the end of April last year, so even though this winter seems to be dragging on forever it still has the potential to make an earlier exit.

Even so, this winter seems abnormally long. Perhaps it is due to the fact that our early snows didn’t melt the way they normally do. Down here in the banana belt it is not unusual for the permanent winter snow to hold off until the middle or end of December. It is also not unusual for it to be gone by the end of March.

Snow arriving for good in November and lasting well into April does make for a long winter. But I think what is making it completely intolerable for me is the very sad look on my golf clubs who have been waiting patiently by the door to go outside and play.

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