2014-04-24 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, spring is here, the snow is on the run, and we have managed to stay above freezing through a couple of nights now. Now those of us that love the great outdoors are just waiting for things to really open up out in the woods. Some of the best times of the year is right after the snow leaves and before the black flies decide to come out.

Spring is some of the best times to be alive up here in the UP.

You know it is an interesting fact how many people that grow up in the UP and then have to go off to seek their fame and fortune only to return after their working days are done to just come home. I could name a number of people around here and back home in the Ontonagon area who has returned home to get the best out of their retirement years. There is just something special about the way we have been blessed up here.

There are some beautiful areas throughout this great country we have and I surely love seeing them.

There are areas that are nice to visit and Wifee and I love to travel and see some new sites, but it is always great to come back home. There is a saying that says, “Home is where the heart is.” And needless to say there are a lot of us “True blue Yoopers” that love it up here.

The only down side of spring is you can almost count on the “Honey do” list that somehow usually appears this time of year with all those suggestions of things you should get done before thinking of the spring fishing season.

Of course at my age there will still be some things left on the list when the fall hunting season comes.

Speaking of the spring fishing season kicking into gear, remember to make sure to check out all the safety equipment before you use your boat.

You do not just want to figure that just because everything seemed to be in good shape when you put your boat away last fall that it still is. You would not believe all the times when checking fishermen I came across boats where when they took out their life jackets to show me they were all mildewed and no good. It is always worth taking the time to check things out just to play it safe.

It used to be before computers, iphones, tablets, and all the other things that make couch potatoes out of most teenagers now days that spring time was a fun time for our youth. Now is the chance to get outside after all those months of winter to explore Mother Nature.

So you put on your rubber boots and headed for either the swamp to look for frog eggs or any other creature you could find. When you got tired of this you could always find a creek where the spring runoff was flowing good to use your engineering skills.

You would either see how much water you could dam up to release later to see how much of a torrent you could send downstream or just see how sticks and brush would flow downstream. Of course there were those days down at the creek when you and your buddies brought your latest boat you had built.

You would send them off downstream and then race along the bank to see where they went and then retrieve them when they got stuck in the brush.

Here too you would sometimes build a dam and launch your boats when you broke the dam to see where they went.

If I remember correctly there usually was what you could call a design flaw in our construction. It seems that at times there was a weight distribution problem and some of our best designs had problems keeping upright in their travels downstream.

I guess we had a theory back then and it was if it would float it was meant to head out to the creek to see just how well it would go. But no matter how they ended up floating or the lack thereof we sure had fun in our youthful outdoor adventures.

The only drawback I can recall about these springtime outdoor adventures was that after them you had to head home. That is if you wanted to eat and survive. But as you hit the back door I can still hear those words, “Get out of those wet, muddy clothes before you even think of coming in the house!”

Of course this remark may have had something to do with that “Ontonagon red clay” that covered you from head to foot.

There is no doubt in my mind the youth of today would be better off getting off the couch, putting their electronic toys away, and going out to get wet and muddy in the spring.

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