2014-04-24 / News

MDOT offers ‘reality check’

Examines the use of patches on roadways

LANSING – A new “Reality Check” video and information sheet from the Michigan Department of Transportation looks at why potholes are patched like they are, and why the patch can’t possibly be a permanent repair.

The first two videos and fact sheets covered two common claims, and offered data and information on why they aren’t correct:

Reality Check No. 1: Funding Can Wait

Myth: Michigan’s roads and bridges aren’t that bad, and there are plenty of other priorities.

Reality: Michigan’s transportation system is hurting, and waiting just makes things worse.

MDOT Reality Check No. 2: More Salt, Please!

Myth: MDOT has gotten dangerously stingy with salt, and they need to use more! Reality: MDOT has made changes to be more efficient with salt, but not at the expense of safety for motorists.

Reality Check No. 3: Fix Potholes Right the First Time

Myth: Road crews just throw some asphalt in the potholes to fix them. They need to fix them right the first time so it lasts.

Reality: Pothole patches are just that – a patch. A true fix will require much more.

Throughout the year, MDOT will continue to take on more transportation myths.

Visit www.michigan.gov/ realitycheck.

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