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Get started fly fishing with help from DNR

LANSING – The Department of Natural Resources recently launched a new section of its website dedicated to all things fly fishing. Visitors to www.michigan. gov/howtofish can click on “How- To Go Fly Fishing in Michigan” to see a variety of resources that can help them become fly anglers.

Fly fishing can be a fun way for new anglers to get outdoors, or it can present a new challenge to avid hook-and-line anglers. Michigan has consistently been named one of the world’s top flyfishing destinations, based on an abundance of opportunities to pursue the sport. In addition, a variety of species (not just trout) - including bass and panfish - are available to target while fly fishing in Michigan.

Articles on the website include:

Equipment – A breakdown of all the fly fishing equipment you might need

Flies – What flies are and when to use them

Grip & Casting diagrams – Learn the back and forward cast and the roll cast

Techniques – For fly fishing ponds, lakes, rivers and streams

Fly fishing knots to know

Species to target – Where they can be found and what flies tend to work best

“Fly fishing can seem a little daunting to someone who’s never tried it before,” said DNR Fisheries Division Chief Jim Dexter. “We hope this website will set interested individuals on a path to success and encourage them to experience Michigan’s world-class fisheries in a new way.”

The Fly Fishing in Michigan section of the website has information for both novice and experienced fly anglers. Check it out at www.michigan.gov/ howtofish.

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