2014-04-10 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, alright-already has this been our last real taste of winter up here for this year. With April here now everyone is thinking of a lot of things other than moving snow around. So let’s all of us just think positive for the next week that winter is over and spring is really here.

Of course we are not the only people that are ready for warm weather to be here because people all over the country have had a winter to remember.

Well another one of the “Old Timers” that sure helped Wifee and me raise our boys went home this past week. When our son Rob was a teenager he worked with George and learned some real work ethics from him. I can still hear him telling my boy, “There is a right and wrong way to wash windows and I am going to teach you the right way to do it.”

That is just the way George was in helping the next generation learn how to do things. There is no way that parents could ever repay someone like this that was willing to take the time to teach teenagers how things should be done. I can watch my boy now and see by his actions and some of the decisions he makes that the lessons were well taught and sunk in.

There was also another side of George growing up in those years when toughness was part of learning. One day we had a “Work bee” at church and all of us were there working. My son Johnny was mowing grass around the church and parsonage and hit a wire coat hanger. A wire piece of the coat hanger flew back and stuck in his foot.

My boy came limping into the church and ran into George. He told him what happened and showed him the piece of wire stuck in his foot. George got out a pair of plies and pulled the wire out and then told him, ‘Get on your bike and ride up to the doctor’s office and tell them you need a tetanus shot.” That was the way George was and everybody loved him.

Some of you older people may remember when there was a gym where some of the school offices are now on the corner. Years ago we would go there roller skating (not roller blading) with a group from our church. The craziest two on these roller skates were George and Mr. Broline Now remember they were at that time twice as old as most of us young married couples skating with them. More than once they would end up taking a spill of such a magnitude we wondered if they would be able to get up.

It really becomes an interesting world when it seems like more and more of those you looked up too are gone. With George Bosanic gone there is another one up in heaven with Ollie, Denton, and Howard and all the others telling tales about life in Manistique. Maybe even a bunch of the Cedar Street crew telling old war stories.

My boy who lives in Wisconsin sent me a picture of a wolf that had been hit by a car down near Portage. This wolf was as long as the conservation officer was tall. The interesting thing was during last fall’s hunting season my boy had a picture on his game camera that he figured was a wolf. When he told the DNR they informed him that there were not any wolves this far south in Wisconsin.

There are deer showing up now in the bare spots along the road and any open spots out in some fields. Needless to say this is a good sign but we have yet to see just what affect this past winter had on the herd overall.

I see fishermen now down at the river where it has opened up trying their luck. In our travels across the U.P., I see where a lot of the creeks have at least some open spots in them. It may take a while longer but you have to admit we appear to be going in the right direction.

With some of the snow going I see a few more smiles out there from people who have been waiting for spring or at least some signs of it. Well you have to admit the signs of it are getting better and better so the next question should be, “Are the smelt running.”

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