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DNR Law Enforcement

Michigan conservation officers are fully commissioned state peace officers who provide natural resources protection and ensure recreational safety, as well as provide general law enforcement duties in the communities they serve. These reports are filed on a bi-weekly basis from districts throughout Michigan. Reports are edited for length.

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March 16-31, 2014

CO Kevin Postma contacted an ice angler at the mouth of Pendills Creek. The subject advised CO Postma that he didn’t have a license and had tried to buy one earlier in the day but the internet was down and in turn the license machine was also down. CO Postma followed up and confirmed the angler’s story. In this case discretion was used and arrangements were made to make sure the individual purchased a fishing license.

While on fish patrol on Brevort Lake, CO Kyle Publiski was dispatched to a snowmobile on fire just a few miles from his location. Arriving on scene CO Publiski contacted the owner of the snowmobile who stated it was too late; the snowmobile had already burned up. CO Publiski was shocked to see that the fire was so hot it burned through two feet of snow and ice on the snowmobile trail and all that was left of the snowmobile were a few small burned parts and a motor.

COs Mike Hammill and Brett Gustafson stopped a snowmobile operator who didn’t have a valid registration or trail permit. The operator claimed he was unaware that he needed to have a registration on a snowmobile. CO Hammill file checked the individual which revealed a misdemeanor warrant for the same violation two years prior. Bond was taken ensuring the nonresident snowmobiler would respond to his ticket.

CO Mike Hammill contacted an individual lying on the ice next to his fishing pole. The angler jumped up when he noticed the law enforcement shield on the snowmobile and quickly walked away from the fishing pole. When asked for his fishing license the angler patted his pockets and replied, “I forgot it at home.” CO Hammill ran a file check for licenses purchases and found the angler hadn’t purchased a fishing license since 2006. Enforcement action was taken.

After completing a group patrol of Munising Bay, CO Michael Evink became aware of a snowmobile injury accident that was located in the Hiawatha National Forest. CO Evink contacted the Manistique Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and directed them to the closest access to the accident. Officer Evink located the victim and when EMS arrived he also transported the personnel to the scene. Working with the EMS services, the CO assisted with transporting the patient off the trail with the use of an enclosed rescue sled and his snowmobile.

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