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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

My only intention in writing this letter is to clear up questions being asked of me by you parents. To those of you who received phone calls stating that CUP Baseball was not going to exist this year, and for that reason you should sign your children up with Little League, that information is entirely untrue.

The CUP Baseball Organization will do as it has done for the past nine years – try to provide a quality sporting activity for the children of Manistique and the surrounding areas, with as little cost as possible to its already financially-strapped parents. I find it hard to believe that Little League Baseball is condoning the campaign of misinformation being perpetrated upon these parents. First, some of the schools were told that CUP flyers did not need to be distributed to parents, as Little League was going to be the “only game in town”.

Second, changing the old Facebook CUP page to Manistique Area Baseball, using Little League logos, and leaving all the pictures, etc., from last year’s CUP season on that page as further confusion.

Third, Little League Board members went to the Inwood Township Board Meeting to try and have CUP banned from the field, because they weren’t going to have any teams anyway, according to those members present. Thankfully, the board chose not to take any action, since no one from CUP was informed of this hearing before it happened and there were no CUP Board representatives at the meeting. And lastly, the phone calls to individual parents coercing them to play for Little League, since “CUP wasn’t going to have enough kids to make any teams.” I always believed that the purpose of organized youth sports was to teach teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play and a good skill set. It hardly seems like the goal of the whole experience and the tactics being employed by a few of these Little League board members can co-exist. Parents, I urge you to consider what you want your child’s experience in these sports to be. I hope you have chosen the league you wish your children to play with for the right reasons, and not just because you felt there was no other option available. The CUP board continues to try to make improvements to the Fifth Street Ballfield, making the experience as pleasant as possible for all its parents and children. I thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I, for one, will continue to help sponsor a team in the CUP Youth Baseball league and will continue to volunteer my time whenever I can.


Lori Erickson


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