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Fish Report

Well, here we are at the end of March and if you were to look out the window in the U.P. you might still get the feeling that there are still a few signs of Old Man Winter out there. But the good thing is we are, with each passing day, going in the right direction for warmer weather. And just to prove it, remember you need to purchase your new hunting and fishing license now.

With April here activity is sure to pick up and everybody is ready for it. I will say there has been extra time to get your spring fever feeling in full gear. Do you have your boat, trailer, and fishing gear ready for when the ice does go out? You want to be ready if the perch hit at Garden like they have the last few years.

Do you ever wonder why you usually read all the negative news about sportsmen, and then when their activities have a real positive impact if you see or read anything at all about it, it is usually a small blurp or on the back page? Hunters and fishermen and all those that enjoy the outdoors have had a big impact on this country for years.

The people of Michigan are going to receive $35.2 million from the taxes charged on sports equipment.

Michigan should receive $35.2 million from the total of $1.1 billion that is being distributed to the states this year from the excise taxes paid by hunters, fishermen, and boaters.

The secretary of the U.S. Interior department said these payments to the states will support fish and wildlife conservation and recreation projects. They will also be used to try and boost the education that encourages youth to use and enjoy the outdoors.

This money which comes is generated from taxes on the sales of sport firearms, ammunition, archery equipment, fishing tackle and electric trolling motors. There is also the need for matching funds from the states for these programs.

So when you are out enjoying the great outdoors remember those who help you along the way.

During the past couple of weeks Wifee and I have been getting to visit and enjoy some of the grandkids we do not see that often because they live so far away. Needless to say Wifee and I sure have been blessed with our four children and their families.

I have said before in my articles about all the people I get to talk too and some of the questions I get asked because of the articles.

One day I was talking to an acquaintance that I have known for years but do not get to see that often anymore. We have been friends for years and both enjoy hunting, fishing, and having a hunting camp to bum around at. So a lot of times when we see each other we will talk about family.

On this day my friend and his family were really going through a hard time because they had lost one of their children unexpectedly and the shock had really hit them hard.

As we talked he said to me, “John, I know how you and your family believe and that it is not the same as we do, but it just seems to hurt so badly and is so hard to accept and understand why things happen like they do.”

I looked at him and said his name and told him, “My wife and I believe that if our children have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior they will go to heaven if something should happen to them. But if we should lose one of our children as unexpectedly as you have this does not mean the hurt will not be there and go away overnight.” “Ones faith does not mean there will not be sorrow during times like this, faith just gives you something to hold onto.”

I guess this is why whenever Wifee and I pull out after getting to visit and enjoy family there is always a lump in your throat when you are our age wondering if there will be another time to get together.

So as spring weather gets here make sure to keep this in mind as we all get to visit and enjoy family and friends and treat it as if you know it may be the last time because we really never know.

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