2014-03-27 / Sports

Bringing out the ‘punks’

Seniors were up for the challenge at this years “Pigs vs Punks”. The MHS squad finished the night out scoring the law enforcement team 56-46. Above front row, from left: Jacob Zellar, Leah Cook, Vanessa McNamara, Tyler Kangas, Coby Ryan. Back row: Ryan Ramey, Robert Ayotte, Parker Birr, Tony Floyd, Carlie Chase, Logan Hayward, Brandi Minor, Breanna Bosanic and Morgan Kangas. Below: Also just as important as the friendly ball game is the activity going on in the far corner of the gymnasium. Both teams and spectators spent a great amount of time in the jail, then soliciting for funds to bail them out.

Joe LeBlanc photos Joe LeBlanc photos

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