2014-03-27 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, winter does not to want to leave anytime soon even if most of us up here are ready for it to go. Needless to say it will take the snow a long time to leave when the temperature is having trouble getting above freezing. Just think we are almost to the end of March and if things do not change you will be able to track the Easter Bunny when he comes which will be on April 20. This means 30 days for warmer weather to get here.

If this keeps up and the weather does not change, fishermen will be able to go ice fishing on the opening day of trout season.

But I think the most important thing to look at is seeing we had a real early start to winter (It started at least a month earlier this year than it usually does.) this past year. We do not need this weather to keep hanging around. We are fast approaching the point of no-return as far as having an early spring is concerned.

I bet when I was back home I would get asked at least a dozen times a week how I thought the deer herd was doing. We are either at or close to the point of really having to start to worry.

When I was working I always told people that asked about what was a good time to hit the U.P. for the smelt runs to plan on the third weekend of April. More often than not this was the weekend most of the snow had left and things were warming up.

Of course where I am sitting writing this article in shorts and sandals it is 72 degrees and sunny. Of course it does cool off to the 50s at night so I have been really suffering. As I sit here I can watch the grandkids playing in the outdoor pool. Yesterday when I went to Lowe’s they were selling plants for your yards and the spring fix up sale was in full swing.

It was really a hard choice to have to come down to Florida to spend time with the grandkids on spring break. The only real problem with doing this is you could almost bet on Manistique having that winter look when we do return home.

Did you ever wonder if just maybe life had passed you by and you were now stuck in the slow lane? I think this over and over with some of the things I see and hear about.

Now this generation running our state wants to do away with our land line phones!! I think the computer generation has a one-track mind and hit the delete button when it comes to engaging their brain.

I think they had better get out into the real world and see what is really going on. First of all do they have any idea there are homes and buildings all over the country where you cannot receive any signal for a cell phone! Do they know in how many places you have to go outside to receive any signal? This would work just great up here if it was below zero with a 30 below chill factor.

Then if they should do away with land lines some people and businesses would lose their internet and fax service too. I personally have to wonder who is really pushing this bill and others like it and as the old saying goes I guess one would have to just “follow the money”.

One other thing I am sure of is the day will come when there is a conflict between counties the real action will be to see who can knock out the others satellites and cripple their whole country. When you stop to think about all the things we count on that are computer controlled. A whole country could be crippled if their electrical grid was compromised. I can also recall times when the power was out but you still had phone service with the old type land line phones. Sometimes all these modern devices would be just great in a perfect world but when with all the electronic gadgets we have today and still cannot find an airplane I think just maybe Lansing ought to just slow down and take the time to stop and think a little before they act.

This from a guy where his office was at his home and his phone was the way people could contact him.

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