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DNR Law Enforcement

Michigan conservation officers are fully commissioned state peace officers who provide natural resources protection and ensure recreational safety, as well as provide general law enforcement duties in the communities they serve. These reports are filed on a bi-weekly basis from districts throughout Michigan. Reports are edited for length.

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March 3-16, 2014

COs Jeff Panich and Mike Evink conducted a group patrol in northern Alger County where repeated complaints of snowmobiles failing to stop or even slow down at stop signs with several near collisions were reported. During a five hour patrol the COs made over 150 contacts, they issued several tickets for failing to stop at a stop sign and gave over 35 verbal warnings for the same violation. At the end of the patrol, one citizen told the officers that the town is now talking about paying attention to all stop signs on the snowmobile trails.

CO Jeff Panich and Corporal Shannon VanPatten conducted a joint patrol in Mackinac County. The COs drove their snowmobiles on the ice bridge to Mackinac

Island. During this patrol, two stops were made for registration violations and verbal warnings were given. The COs stopped at the Island Police Department and contacted one of the officers on duty to thank them for working with DNR Law Division in helping enforce the helmet and registration laws on the Island.

CO Jeff Panich was on patrol in St. Ignace when he received information of a snowmobile travelling from the island to the mainland by an operator who was suspended from driving.

CO Panich was able to quickly meet up with the snowmobile coming over the ice bridge to St. Ignace. Upon contact, the man stated that since he lives on the island he doesn’t need a driver’s license.

The CO then advised the operator of the law pertaining to having a valid operator’s license to drive a snowmobile. The operator stated he was aware he needed a license but figured his chances of being caught were very small, as he has been driving without a license for many years and has never been caught. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Mike Hammill received a complaint of trash being dumped in the woods.

CO Hammill recovered evidence that led to a subject in Marquette. With the help of CO Mark Leadman of Marquette County CO Hammill was able to find who was responsible for the littering and issued a ticket.

While on routine patrol CO Mike Hammill checked two anglers in an ice shack.

The anglers were asked to provide their fishing licenses. One of the anglers quickly provided a license while the second claimed to be watching his friend fish.

CO Hammill entered the ice shack and observed a line on the far side of the shack in immediate control of the angler. A quick confession for fishing without a license followed and the subject was ticketed.

CO Michael Evink was the first to respond to a rollover in Schoolcraft County. Once on scene Officer Evink was able to locate the driver and assist the Michigan State Police (MSP) with the investigation. The driver was lodged for driving with a suspended license.

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