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Senior Center News

Wow! What a nice monthly potluck last Thursday. There were 45-50 people in attendance and the music was fantastic! A great big thank you goes out to “Final Chapter”. Chris Orr and Wade Johnson did a fine job. Mark your calendar for Thursday, April 17, as they have offered to come back.

We will be giving you a break from the stove, as this will be our breakfast dinner with a $5 per person donation. The menu will consist of pancakes, ham, scrambled eggs, potatoes and Dan Barber’s famous gooey buns. Due to limited space, we ask you sign up as soon as possible. Unfortunately, at our annual hotdog roast we had to turn away people due to space. Our events are growing and growing, which is wonderful! Call a few friends and invite them to join us.

A great big thank you goes out to Deb Blandford for jumping in and volunteering to work bingo this past Tuesday when we had a few ill volunteers. Deb even returned and helped with the monthly potluck.

We had several generous donations this past week. Ray Reid donated Girl Scout cookies which some of you may have won as a prize at our recent potluck. Thanks Ray! Carol Anderson also dropped by and gave us a bag of goodies to be shared as prizes. She recently donated potholders, a table runner and two purses. You can often find her in front of her favorite thing, and that is her sewing machine.

Kristin Anderson also assisted with last week’s potluck. Kristin also donated a flag case to the Center. Joanne Milavec gave a miscellaneous donation. Cliff Dyer has been so generous towards the Center. He dropped by today with a homemade quilt stand. Aahhh, what talent.

The bingo players will be happy to hear we have a new bingo machine. A great “big” thank you goes out to the VFW Hall for thinking of the Center. If you played bingo, you surely knew how awful ole’ Betsy was getting. They also gave a donation of bingo balls, paper cards, etc.

It is time to start thinking of CBC, as we all know it will soon be here. CBC is held on Palm Sunday, with this year’s date being April 13. We are once again asking for your help in baking goodies for our bake sale table. 100 percent profits are donated to CBC to assist with Cancer, Bay Cliff and Community Projects. Goodies can be dropped off at the Senior Center the Friday before, or the day of at the Manistique High School Auditorium before noon.

What are we looking for? Cookies, cakes, fudge, brownies, pies, candy, sweet rolls – any sweet imaginable. Marajene Swanson gave a donation of candy for this year’s sale. Let’s pull together and once again show what this community can do!

Monetary donations have been received at the Center in memory of:

• Barb Chartier from Betty Heinz

• Cletus Chartier from Betty Heinz

• Bob Broullire from Betty Heinz

• John Mathews from Betty Heinz

• Merton LaBar from Bill and Doris Norman

• Bob Broullire from Bill and Doris Norman

• Barb Chartier from Bill and Doris Norman

• Harry Toenneson from Eileen Reque and Lane and Deborah Blandford

• Bob Broullire from Betty Lasich

• Grant Taylor from Peggy Beckman, Joel Beckman, and Barbara Beckman Kerridge

• Nick Frankvoich from Phyllis Frankovich

• Grant Taylor from Lenoard and Mary LaFleur.

Maintenance and Support donations were received from Phyllis Toyra and Ed Renton.

BRIDGE Mar. 17: 1st-Nancy Brown, 2nd-Audrey Savoie, 3rd- Eileen St. Onge, 4th-Larry Savoie, CFC-Hanna Mammen. Hostess, Nancy Brown.

BRIDGE Mar. 21: 1st-Ruth Roemer, 2nd-Helen Barton, 3rd-Judy Provo, 4th-Pat Flint, CFC-Ann Willcock. Hostess, Nancy Brown.

PINOCHLE Mar. 19: 1st-Jackie Villemure, 2nd-Audrey Newborn, 3rd-Carl Sundling, Low-Carol Shampine.

500 Mar. 21: 1st-Rebecca Peterson, 2nd-George Shampine, 3rd- Don’a Nelson, Should’a Stayed Home-Carol Shampine.

Birthdays this week: March 29-Cliff Barber and George Baker, April 1-Janet Hamill and Tom Pryer, April 2-Al Grimm and Pat Ann Klarich, April 3-Pauline Cleary.

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