2014-03-12 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, it is Monday afternoon and if you are solar powered you sure are on a roll today. What a great day to give us a break from all the cold winter weather we have had. It sure made an impact on the snow, but with all the snow we have it will be a while before you will have to get your rake out to clean up the yard.

But now that I have told about all the good news, we are going to find out in the next few days that winter is still in control. Of course, with all the snow we have it would not be good to have it all melt at once. If there is one thing everyone in the U.P. has in common this year, it is that they are tired of winter and ready for spring to really get here.

It is hard to believe that up here people that have used wood for heat for years are getting to the end of their wood pile in a lot of cases. In fact in some areas those that burn wood pellets are finding a shortage too. I have a feeling that those that burn wood will make sure they have way more than they may need going into next winter.

There are a lot of people that use wood for heat up here, so those that do have to take extra precaution when they do. As you go through the winter make sure you check your stove and chimney at least once a month. The main chimney can be checked with a mirror by looking up through the cleanout door to see if there is a creosote buildup.

It usually builds up in the chimney in the area where the hot air and smoke coming from the wood fire hit the cold air up near the roof or attic area. You also want to always check the stove pipe and the area where it goes into the main chimney. Don’t take it for granted that just because you have never had a problem that you never will.

I have said this before that if you have kids still living at home you should run through a fire drill with them. Take the time to tell them what to do if there ever is a fire problem at your home. To me this is even more important if you live in a two-story home or if you have someone living in the basement. As with any safety steps you take in life, one always hopes they never have to put them to use but we really never know so it is always better to be prepared.

A synopsis of this story kind of tells that a person never really knows.

It seems a businessman had to make a trip out of town for a couple of days and asked his wife to go with him. They found an older lady to watch their two lovely children. The business trip got over sooner than planned so they headed home.

As they drove towards their home they noticed smoke in the distance. Curiosity prevailed and they drove out of their way to locate the smoke. They discovered a house on fire and the wife said they should get home to their children because the fire department should be there soon.

The business man explained that the house belonged to a man from the plant and he would be at work now and maybe there is something they could do. His wife reminded him he had his good suit on. But he stopped anyway.

They were both floored as they jumped out of the car to see the house in flames and a woman yelling, “Get the children-get the children!” The man grabbed her and asked her where the children were and she said in the basement and told him how to get there.

He soaked himself with water; put a handkerchief over his mouth and ignoring his wife’s protest headed into the burning house. He found a door in the basement and two children, holding one under each arm like the football player he was he ran outside. But as he left he heard more children whimpering. Getting a couple breaths of fresh air he headed back into the burning house. His wife all this time was yelling at him that the house was going to cave in not to go back in!

He shook her off and went back in but now the smoke was really bad and it seemed like an eternity before he found the other two children and coughing and stumbling he got them out and realized for some strange reason there was something familiar about the two little bodies he had under his arms.

As his head cleared he realized he was holding his two little children who the baby sitter had dropped off at this house while she went to the grocery store.

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