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SMH Homecare aide saves patient's life

MANISTIQUE – Have you ever questioned why things have happened in your life the way they have? Why you chose a certain career, met a certain person?

Was it meant to be? Sometimes the answers aren’t always clear right away, but in time we find out.

Schoolcraft Memorial HomeCare Aide Flo Demers, an employee since 1997 recently had cause to ask these very questions.

Seventeen years ago as a young SMH HomeCare aide, Demers entered the living room of one of her very first HomeCare visits in Garden. She couldn’t get over the bright blue living room, “you couldn’t miss it,” she said.

Introducing herself to the kind gentleman she assumed was her patient. Flo soon realized she was at the wrong address! Apologizing, and saying how nice it was to meet him and hoped one day she would be able to take care of him. Flo headed next door to where her appointment really was!

Fast forward to January of this year, Flo found herself pulling in to the kind gentleman’s driveway once again, 17 years later, only this time she was at the right house!

“I knew as soon as I walked in and saw the bright blue living room that I had been here before,” Demers said.

The gentleman, now really her patient, remembered her also and they enjoyed a great laugh about it.

The morning of Jan. 29 started out like any other, however, Demers did admit the day felt a little different but couldn’t quite put her finger on it. When Demers arrived at her patient’s home, she got straight to work. Afterwards, while completing her paperwork and chatting with her patient she felt heat near the top of her head. She stood up and instantly could feel the heat in the ceiling and could see it was on fire. In a matter of moments, she called 911.

At first reluctant to leave the house, Demers ran outside and moved her car away then ran back in to convince her patient his house was on fire and he had to get out as smoke was starting to roll in.

Rushing out of the house, Demers managed to grab a picture of her patient’s mother, a homemade sketch of his father and two other family photos.

The house was a total loss, but thanks to Demers’s quick thinking, she was able to save her patient from what could have been a tragic ending.

It took 17 years, but on Jan. 29 Flo Demers had some of her questions answered. She was meant to be an SMH HomeCare Aide. She was meant to drive down the wrong driveway and walk in and befriend this kind gentleman who became her patient so many years later. Though she didn’t know it at the time, her initial meeting wasn’t by happenstance, it was meant to be.

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Flo is a great person and a

Flo is a great person and a great Home aid care person.. She took care of my Mother Bonnie LaMuth for several years.. Flo was always there for my mom and she is appreciated by me. LOVE FLO