2014-03-12 / Lifestyles

Bay announces winter scholarships

ESCANABA – Bay de Noc Community College recently announced the scholarship recipients for the winter 2014 semester. The scholarship program is supported by area businesses and organizations, as well as by individuals through endowment and annual contributions.

Scholarships were awarded to the following students for the Winter 2014 semester:

Manistique: Bay College Annual Scholarship - Hali Carlson, Raeanne Robinson; Dr Mary Cretens Scholarship - Hali Carlson, Shannon Woehlert; George and Alice Harvey Scholarship - Dorothy Holmberg; Ethel and Amy Johnson Scholarship - Dorothy Holmberg; Louis Kintziger Scholarship - Edward Rethman III, Raeanne Robinson; Krusin Klassics Scholarship - Tyler Hase; Alice and Victor Powers Scholarship - Shannon Woehlert; Water Technology Scholarship - Gerald Johnson.

Cooks: Board of Trustees Scholarship - Kendra Bloom, Haley Norton; Oliver Felton Scholarship - Brianna Johnson; Hazel Lorvig Scholarship - Kendra Bloom; Donald Moser Scholarship - Brandon Rochefort; Art Slaughter Scholarship - Brandon Rochefort; Minnie L Stein Scholarship - Brandon Rochefort; U.P. Whitetails Association Scholarship - Haley Norton; Percy Weinberg Scholarship - Holly Severin

Garden: Bay de Noc Engineers Club Scholarship - Levi Tatrow; Sam & Elinor Benedict Scholarship - Colton Ranguette; Dr. Mary Cretens Scholarship - Levi Tatrow

Germfask: Bay College Annual Scholarship - Kristy Mattson; Dr. Mary Cretens Scholarship - Kristy Mattson

Shingleton: Ray and Peg Hirvonen Scholarship - Rachelle VanLandschoot; Pettitt and Yaste Straub Scholarship - Rachelle VanLandschoot

For information on developing a scholarship fund, contact the vice president for Institutional Advancement/Foundation, Kim Carne, (906) 217-1700. Bay College is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers scholarships based on donor defined criteria. Education programs are offered in Escanaba, Iron Mountain, Manistique, and online.

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