2014-03-12 / Lifestyles

A St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids

Gather the following supplies:
* poster board
* clean, empty gallon milk container * crepe paper in rainbow colors
and in black
* gold foil circles
* construction paper
* glue
* scissors
* glitter, if desired
1. Draw and cut out a leprechaun
using various shades of construction paper. Glue it to the posterboard.

2. Cut out half of the milk container to form a “pot.” Use glue to adhere black crepe paper to it. Attach to the posterboard.

3. Stick gold foil circles to form the “gold coins” that will be filling the pot of gold.

4. Cut out pieces of crepe paper from the rainbow colors and attach to the posterboard to form the rainbow. Let the pieces end right near the pot of gold.

5. Allow kids to embellish further with glitter and any other things they may have on hand.

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