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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Everyone knows how difficult it is being cold for any extended period of time. Now, consider how that would feel if you and your children were numbingly cold 24/7. Or, if you had to choose between paying your home heating bill or buying groceries or getting that prescription refilled.

That horrible situation has been multiplied this winter due to extremely cold temperatures, extremely high propane prices, and extremely high demand for firewood.

Once again the Menominee- Delta-Schoolcraft Community Action Agency Walk for Warmth, which took place Feb. 22, has sent up the emergency flare, and once again our communities throughout our coverage area have answered, this time at record levels.

Just about every year we tell your readers how heartfelt and humbled we are by this response, only to have it all surpassed the following year.

We must thank all our sponsors (Bay Cities Radio, Hot Flame Gas, Island Resort and Casino, WFRV-TV5 and Radio Results Network in Menominee County; Island Resort and Casino, WJMNTV3 and Radio Results Network in Delta County; and Kewadin Casinos, Radio Results Network and WJMN-TV3 in Schoolcraft County), to volunteers, including local youngsters, media support and CAA staffers who truly went above and beyond. Words fail when it comes to describing our sincere gratitude.

Once again, residents answered the call. Approximately $65,000 was raised throughout the threecounty area, with more donations still coming in.

If you helped in some way, be it financially or at the walk, brat sale or some other related event, thanks for making this a true community project. If you need help with your heating bills, please contact us – and remember these good people who’ve banded together on your behalf.

William Dubord,

CAA executive director

Dear Editor,

In response to William Anderson’s assumptions that the Benghazi decisions were valid. Have you ever lived in a foreign country? As a military spouse who lived in Kuwait for two years with my two small school-aged children, I relied daily on my embassy and State Department to disseminate the most current security issues for my family. When one of your school-aged children disappears and is unaccounted for, you expect action. Our U.S. Marines were immediately dispatched. One U.S. citizen, age five, was possibly in danger.

No waffling on what action would be taken and how it would ”appear” to our host country. Thank God Hilary Clinton was not our Secretary of State at that time. My story had a happy ending. My heart goes out to the families of those who lost loved ones in Benghazi. On Hilary Clinton’s watch. What pressing engagement kept Hilary Clinton and President Obama from doing what those security personnel and their families expected, what all Americans expect?

Marilyn Pfister


Dear Editor,

I would like to say a big thank you to the Schoolcraft County Public Transit on the increased hours and day. This is something that was needed for awhile.

The drivers and dispatch have always done a wonderful job and continue to do so. I cannot see to drive anymore and depend on the transit to get me where I need to go. So again, I would just like to say thank you to the SCPT.

Great job guys!

Kelly Smith


Dear Editor,

Houston, we have a problem! In the case of President Obama’s signature healthcare legislation (Obamacare), we have a multitude of very serious problems. The first is a crises of confidence, as President Obama has publicly promised at least 37 times since 2008 that his healthcare reform plan would not cause anyone who likes their present health insurance to lose it - sometimes punctuating the remarks with an emphatic “Period”. We may now know what the most devastating statement of President Obama’s presidency is going to be: “If you like it, you can keep it.”

Last fall, an estimated 6.2 million Americans received cancellations notices that their health insurance was substandard and didn’t meet Obamacare standards, furthermore 60 million plus workers will lose coverage over the next few years, leaving the stark reality that more people have lost their healthcare then have signed up for Obamacare. Millions of Americans are now discovering what Obamacare will cost them - and many do not like what they see. President Obama’s promise of $2,500 savings has become a reality of rising premiums as middle-class families are now staring at skyrocketing insurance bills accompanied with out of reach deductibles, doctors and prescription costs.

Millions of workers face fewer hours on the job because of the cost of Obamacare to employers, just recently the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has projected that Obamacare will lead to 2 million fewer workers in the labor market. Employers are switching full time employees to part-time status as Obamacare requires employers with more than 50 employees to offer health insurance to all full time employees. Businesses that fail to provide health insurance will eventually face a fine of up to $2,000 for each employee not offered coverage who works 30 hours weekly.

Millions of Americans are expected to pay less for their health insurance because they receive a government subsidy courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. Money collected from taxpayers and Medicare will be used to subsidize people who cannot afford to pay for their own health insurance. This is a huge cost to everyone who pays higher taxes and higher healthcare premiums. Obamacare addresses the concerns of some bottom 15 percent of income earners while it clobbers the other 85 percent with much higher costs, fewer choices and eventually poorer quality. This is a clear case of few people benefiting while the vast majority pay more - simply put Obamacare is redistribution, not real healthcare reform.

Keeping track of all the changes, delays, and special exemptions seems nearly impossible, however with President Obama’s constitutionally illegal attempts to rewrite his crowning legislative achievement is a clear acknowledgment that the law is fundamentally flawed. The Obama administration added some 10,000 regulations to Obamacare - these regulations come between you and your doctor. Obamacare is on balance destructive, as Obamacare was supposed to help Americans, instead, it’s making us sick.


Paul Walker


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I made no assumption on

I made no assumption on Benghazi I simply repeated what the Generals who were responsible for the actions testified to in front of Congress.