2014-03-06 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, thank goodness for sunny days or else with the temperatures we have had life would be totally unreal. At least with the sun out you can pretend the weather is a whole lot nicer than it really is. As someone said this week, “It would be a whole lot more bearable if the weather man instead of saying we are in for another unbearable cold day he could say we are going to have another sunny day.”

In fact, when I was looking at some of these vehicles they place out on the ice where you can buy a ticket then guess the date and time it will go through the ice I was going to pick either the Fourth of July or Labor Day. With as thick as the ice is in places it could be a while before anything falls through.

With the weather being as cold and raw as it has been this winter we were sitting at a friend’s house the other day watching small birds going in and out of their bird house. I had never seen anything like this before this time of year and the only thing I could figure is they just wanted to get in out of the wind.

There sure are a lot of ground feeders and little birds looking for food out there right now. If you have been or are feeding small birds make sure you don’t quit now with the way the weather has been. If you should stop now they could really be hurting.

I wrote in another article about the problems fishermen could encounter trying to get their ice fishing shanties off the lakes. I was down in Wisconsin over the weekend and they are having a real problem in some areas. In southern Wisconsin they are suppose to be off while in the northern part of the state they have a few days yet. They were asking those that cannot get them off to contact them and let them know they are at least trying.

It kind of reminds me of a story I told years ago about a lady that had called me about an ice fishing shanty her boys had put out on Indian Lake. It seems her teenage sons had placed this ice fishing shanty out on the lake but did not know they had to block it up to keep it from freezing in.

So needless to say with the off and on warm weather we had that winter by the time they tried to remove it there was no way they could break it loose and get it off. The mother kept calling me worried to death the two boys would get into trouble seeing they could not get their shanty off the lake.

I finally told her in all seriousness that the only thing I could suggest was that she buy a long rope that they could tie to a tree on shore and run out and tie around their fishing shanty. Then I told her to go around and collect all the milk jugs she could and have the boys fill the shanty with these empty milk jugs. Then make sure the door was shut and the hole in the bottom closed off.

Then I told her that when the ice all melted the ice fishing shanty should float and the boys could pull it into shore using the rope they had tied to a tree. She really was going all out with this theory until I had second thoughts and figured we maybe had better come up with plan B.

There has been right around a dozen snowmobile fatalities so far this year (2013-2014). And with all the snow we have left this number could continue to go up. It seems in most cases these fatalities are caused by running into something you are not going to move. A lot of this has to do with speed needless to say. So I have to wonder if it does any good to suggest to snowmobilers that they slow down and enjoy the ride and the scenery. If they should do this they may make it thru the weekend and get home safely.

This week I will close with this, Wifee received a picture on Facebook from her brother. It showed where they had built a snow igloo for their granddaughter in the front yard of their southern Missouri home this past Monday. And we think we are having the only crazy winter!

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