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Fish Report

Well, we sure can be glad of one thing and that is the sun is getting higher in the sky with each passing day. If it wasn’t for this, we sure would have continued to have super cold weather. Now if we could only figure out some way to get rid of the wind we would be on a roll. It has been totally amazing how strong the wind has been and what the chill factor has been. If you are outdoors you want to always figure this in.

March is here now and hopefully with March will come along some consistent warmer weather. I don’t care where you go either up here in the U.P. or anywhere else in the country, it seems people are winter weary and can’t wait until spring weather really arrives.

With the below zero weather we have had, when Wifee and I returned from Missouri last week we had no water. It appeared our water had frozen between the road and our house. I called the city and in no time at all, with as busy as they have been, they came by. They looked for the shutoff valve in the snow and ice but luckily I knew where it was.

They checked at the valve and figured it was frozen up there. Later they returned with a welder, hooked it up, and in no time at all we had running water once again. I want to thank the city crew because needless to say it has been quite a winter for them with all the problems, and the colder weather they have had to contend with.

Two things I learned, first we are sure blessed in this country to have what we have that we just take for granted day in and day out. Running water and even more hot water, sure are missed when they are not there when you turn the tap on. The other thing I soon learned is that it is rather interesting for someone my size to take a bath in an ice cream bucket!

You wonder what conservation officers and other law enforcement officers can run into. Someone sent me this statement from the prosecutor in the Traverse City area.

“Neighbors heard a man, Richard Radcliffe, shoot his gun into the ceiling of his house,” Cooney said. “Then, an odd twist, he hit his stepson, who then went outside the trailer in a roadway.”

Cooney said police officers were trying to get Radcliffe to turn himself in by talking to him over the phone, but (Radcliffe) told officers he was outside his home.

“But it was his stepson who was outside the home,” Cooney said. “The defendant was still in the house. At the time, a police officer and two COs were approaching toward the defendant’s house, and they think the target is the stepson outside on the roadway.

“But the defendant (Radcliffe) is now turning to officers in the door as they get in front of his house and the defendant starts blasting an AK-47 military-style assault rifle,” Cooney said. “He shot four times at officers. Bullets passed just inches over the officers’ heads. We know the shots ended up in a trailer across the street. The owner of the trailer said he (heard) bullets going to the left and right of him.”

After Radcliffe fired shots at officers, another sheriff’s deputy at the scene fired six shots at Radcliffe, Cooney said.

“Mr. Radcliffe must have got scared because he came out with hands up,” Cooney said. “The interesting part was how he lured officers in and then opened fire. To me it was premeditated.”

Cooney said its times like these when he appreciates the men and women of the DNR and sheriff’s department who are willing to take risks.

“This was a dangerous situation for them,” he said. “You talk to these guys. It affects their families, too. Kehoe is an excellent conservation officer, top notch. Look at what kind of pay and risk they take. I appreciate it.”

“It was an appropriate charge and verdict.” “All of our COs have full jurisdiction. They are well known for natural resource protection, but they do criminal, too.

“Thankfully none of the officers were injured much worse.” “It’s unusual in a sense, but on a daily basis our COs are faced with general law enforcement situations and often help other law enforcement agencies like the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department.

“It’s a dangerous world,” he added. “It’s not just fish and game anymore. They (COs) are full-powered police officers and don’t shy away from community policing.”

The party was found guilty and received up to 52 years in prison.

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