2014-02-27 / News

CRAM applauds extra funding

LANSING – The County Road Association of Michigan recently applauded the action of the Michigan Senate, which Feb. 20 passed a $100 million supplemental to assist road agencies with the extreme cost overruns that have occurred so far this winter.

“We want to give special thanks to Sen. Roger Kahn, the chair of Senate Appropriations, and Sen. John Pappageorge for their leadership in offering the $100 million ‘special winter road maintenance’ amendment in the full Senate,” said Denise Donohue, director of the County Road Association of Michigan. “Our 83 county road agencies are pleased with the Michigan Senate’s recognition of the financial challenges they’ve faced this winter, and hope the Michigan House quickly follows suit.”

Many road agencies have exceeded the entire year’s winter maintenance budget due to frequent heavy snowfall, blowing winds, ice storms and single-digit temperatures. These funds will help defray costs for county road agencies to continue plowing snow and patching potholes without having to make major cuts to summer maintenance – projects that preserve our road network and improve safety. All 83 county road agencies and 533 municipalities, along with the Michigan Department of Transportation, will share the funds.

With at least a month of winter remaining, 2014 will be remembered as an expensive winter for roads. And the coming pothole season is anticipated to be severe, as a deep frost comes out of the ground.

The County Road Association represents the interests of Michigan’s 83 county road agencies that collectively maintain more than 90,000 miles of local roads in Michigan, the fourthlargest local road system in the nation. Of local roads, over 50 percent are rated as “poor” in a statewide engineering survey.

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