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A Look Back at the... Pioneer-Tribune Archives

50 Years Ago February 27, 1964

• Retiring City Councilman Larry Boyd said Monday night he favored a charter amendment raising a councilman’s pay to $300 per year. Council members currently receive $50 annually. “I think the increase might encourage some of our businessmen to become candidates,” Boyd said. He pointed out that many businessmen are reluctant to run because they are fearful it may affect their business. “A councilman cannot do business with the city, and besides that, he’ll make some of his customers mad,” Boyd pointed out. “The $300 might help make up for some of that.” Mayor Harold Carlson agreed with Boyd, and at the same time expressed dismay that only one candidate has announced for the Council election April 6. The lone candidate is Mrs. Earl LeBrausser. “It’s a shame more people don’t have the guts to even come down to the Council meeting and see what’s going on,” Carlson said. “I think it’s terrible there aren’t more candidates.” Boyd and Councilman Arthur Demers have announced they will not be candidates for re-election this year. William Olesak, the third incumbent Council member, has not announced his plans.

• Manistique High School debaters successfully defended their Upper Peninsula championship last weekend at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. The Emerald varsity defeated Negaunee in the championship round to qualify for the state championship debates on the University of Michigan campus at Ann Arbor. It was the third year in a row that Manistique and Negaunee met in the championship debate. Two years ago Negaunee took the title, but last year and this year the decision went to Manistique. Members of the debate team are Fred Lesica, Christine Mathson, Eleanor Jorgenson and Kathy MacGregor. The team is coached by Marvin Frederickson.

• A 44-inch, 22-pound sturgeon was speared by Mrs. Hazel Peterson, Star Route, Feb. 9 on Indian Lake near Knowles Resort. Her 10 year old twin grandsons, Darryl and Danny Peterson were with grandma when she speared the fish.

• For the second year in a row, Leo Sikarskie has taken a big sturgeon out of Indian Lake. Saturday he speared a 65 1/2 pound beauty, 57 inches long.

• The motor from a junked 1952 Chevrolet is being used in shop classes at Manistique High School for testing and motor analyzing. The engine was acquired from Warshawsky Bros. in trade for scrap gathered from the shop

35 Years Ago March 1, 1979

• Joel Carley is the assessor for Inwood Township. He is also perhaps one of the most knowledgeable men in that township about the history of the area. While Carley was township supervisor, he found in the Township Hall a number of old record books. In them were all the early annals of Inwood from its inception in 1891 until the late 1920s. “There were four or five township schools then,” he said. “They couldn’t bus the kids very far.” The schools were run differently, too. One entry records an 1893 expenditure for five cords of wood cut, split, and delivered to the school for 90 cents a cord. The teachers’ contracts, a one page document stipulated that the teachers were responsible for making sure there was a fire in their rooms at all times and that it was maintained safely. The township school board furnished fuel and repairs for the school and retained the right to fire teachers for “gross immorality.”

• Good Samaritans still exist and Thompson resident Paul Schneider is glad they do. Schneider dropped his wallet in the parking lot of Norden’s Foodland this week and walked off without it. The wallet contained more than just identification, there was $583 in it. Luckily for Schneider, people like Gay Mattson, of Germfask are around. She found the wallet and turned it in to the Michigan State Police.

• A cut in Schoolcraft County Title 6 Projects C.E.T.A. funding from $344,000 in 1978 to $96,000 in 1979 caused the County Board of Commissioners to set priorities on requests for workers under the program at a board meeting held last Thursday morning. First priority was given to the City of Manistique’s request for workers to set meters for home water lines this summer. The original request was for eight workers, but because of the amount of funding received only two could be approved at this time.

20 Years Ago March 3, 1994

• The lack of water in the tower and low water pressure were discussed at the City Council regular meeting Monday. As of Monday night, there was 18 1/2 feet of water in the water tower. There were 353 let-run customers (normally there are less than 40). “We’re opening the tank to let it fill at night. We close it during the day. We’re picking up a foot and a half a night more or less,” said City Manager Al Housler. “The pumps are running 24 hours a day.” “We’re running on razor’s edge,” said Mayor John Stewart. “We never figured to run the pumps 24 hours. If one failed, we would be worst then before.” Housler said that if there was a failure at the plant, a fire, or a main leak, it would empty the tank.

• The Second Annual 1075th National Guard Military Ball was held Feb. 5 at the Manistique National Guard Armory. Terrific decorations by Holiday Helpers and a super meal served by the Schoolcraft County Search and Rescue Team helped make the evening very enjoyable.

• Ben Carlson had a career high of 43 points Tuesday when the Manistique varsity basketball team beat Newberry 82-72. Carlson was unstoppable scoring 15 points in the first quarter, eight in the second, 10 in the third and 10 in the fourth.

10 Years Ago February 26, 2004

• The city of Manistique has accepted a nominating petition from a City Council candidate, despite a conflict with the terms of the 1968 municipal charter. At Monday night’s council meeting, City Manager Al Housler said a charter requirement that candidates must have lived in the city at least two years was previously determined to be unconstitutional and will not affect the candidacy of Tim Noble, one of the three people who turned in petitions for the April 5 election.

• Manistique High School students Andrew Kemper and Nick Benedetto attended Tuesday’s meeting of the Schoolcraft County Economic Development Corporation to show board members the EDC Web site they redesigned as part of a school project, under the direction of Technology Director Mary Hook. Their work provided substantial updates and enhancements to the existing EDC site.

• Lindsay Swanson and Nick Harma were crowned 2004 MHS Winterfest Queen and King following the varsity basketball game on Saturday evening.

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