2014-02-20 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, it sure does not look like spring is here yet just maybe we should keep the snow shovel handy for a little while yet. One good thing is that winter weather with cold and snow is a way of life up here so we just put on an extra pair of socks and live with it. But those down south where the last few bad storms have went are thinking the world is about upside down. So the best choice you have is to just stay warm and think of those good old days when we had warm winters with no snow.

The one big question now for so many is how fast snow days will add up for the rest of the year. Down in Southern Missouri where I am sitting writing this week’s article they have had 10 snow days already this winter. While in a lot of places up north they have either passed or are about to pass the number of snow days allowed. So the big question is when will all this winter weather come to an end and things get back to normal?

One thing for sure with all the winter activities like dog sled and snowmobile racing, they have not had to scrounge around for snow this year and haul it in. And if what the “Exspurts” are saying holds true they will not have to worry about snow, wind, and cold for days to come.

I saw something the other day that made me wonder how bright some people are. As we were driving along US-2 I saw where a car had parked and some people had adventured out on the icebergs. Now if you stop and think about doing this at all you would soon realize that the wave action hits the icebergs and sprays water over the top to build them when it freezes. But, you have to remember that there is water action from the waves that works under the icebergs too.

For this reason this type of ice can be extremely unsafe. In my travels through life I have heard of people going out on these icebergs and falling through and not being found until the spring thaw. So they may look like fun to play on but think twice before you do it.

Speaking of ice buildup and all the snow and wind we have had, this could be one of those years when some ice fishermen have a real project getting their ice fishing shanties off the lakes. A lot of times when there is a lot of sun and then a lot of snow and wind to build the snow up around ice fishing shanties they get frozen into the ice. It can be interesting.

There were times when this happened some fishermen came up with the not too bright idea to just burn their shanty. The problem with this is there is a lot of junk left in the ice with this littering.

When we had winters like the one we are having I used to wait until spring and then go up on the north shore and look for all the ice fishing shanties that had been left on the ice. When they were left out, the wind would usually blow them up there. I would then look for the names on them, take some photos, and go look up the people whose name I had.

Usually when you went and looked them up they would admit the shanty was theirs seeing their name was on it and take care of the ticket. But then there were always those with you having their name and pictures of the shanty with their name on it would not admit to anything.

I ended up before Judge Stark when one of these cases came up where the party had pleaded not guilty. I told them what I had found and introduced the pictures of the ice fishing shanty with the defendants name on it and then it was his turn.

He got up and said yes this had been his ice fishing shanty but he had sold it to another party. I can still recall Judge Stark saying without batting an eye, “Do you have the bill of sale for the shanty with you?”

The defendant was dumb founded and to be truthful so was I because whoever gets a bill of sale for an ice fishing shanty.

But before the defendant could recover Judge Stark ask him if the ice fishing shanty I had found was really his and he admitted it was and paid his ticket.

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