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A Look Back at the... Pioneer-Tribune Archives

50 Years Ago February 20, 1964

• Plans to revive a full-scale summer festival in Manistique were discussed when members of the Retail Division of the Top O’Lake Michigan Chamber of Commerce met Monday night for a dinner session at Liberty Hall. Chairman Len Harbick said a week-long event, similar to the Blueberry Festival held here a decade or so ago, would be a major tourist attraction for the community, and build local pride and spirit as well.

• A new $9 million plant to be built by Chrysler Corporation in Kokomo, Ind., will be under the management of a former Manistique resident. Harry E. Eriksen, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Harry Eriksen, will be in charge of the new 360,000 square foot die casting plant that will employ more than 500 men. Eriksen is currently manager of Chrysler’s existing casting plant in Kokomo.

• A 25 year old Manistique man escaped serious injury early Sunday morning when his car slid into a moving freight train at the Soo Line crossing on Deer St. Public Safety officers did say that Wayne M. Ryerse, 139 N. Fourth St., did receive a bump on the knee, but was not taken to the hospital. The accident occurred at 1:50 a.m. Ryerse told officers he did not see the train, and that the warning flashers were not working. His car slid about 60 feet, striking the 23rd car of the 29-car train, which was moving about 10 miles an hour. Engineer of the train was A. Wickman, while conductor was Rex Aicher.

• A German Shepherd dog donated by a Manistique couple has “graduated” from the Leader Dog School at Rochester, Mich., and been assigned as a new pair of “eyes” for an Indiana woman. “Queenie” was donated to the school by Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Asp, 120 N. Front St., with arrangements being handled by Russell Pauquette, chairman of the Leader committee of the Manistique Lions Club.

• Members of the 1964 Emeralds varsity basketball team are Carl Berger, Rich Hoholik, Jim McDonough, Ken Blowers, Darryl Carlson, Mike Gray, Coach Rudie Brandstrom, manager Tom Carlson, Steve Bauman, Eric Bloomquist, Jon Cameron, Tom Brawley, Steve DeRousha, Paul Harris, Dan Malloy and manager David Gilroy.

• Two otter have moved into the Big Springs at Palms Book State Park, according to park manager Vic Haas. As he walked around the spring, the two otter lay in the middle of the spring like two logs, watching his every move.

35 Years Ago February 22, 1979

• About 35 customers in the Manistique area had no water service Wednesday according to Doug DeMars, assistant Public Works Superintendent. De- Mars said that the service lines from the main lines to homes are freezing as warming weather drives the frost deeper into the ground. At one place along the road the frost is 72 inches into the ground, he said. Water lines are buried three feet deep or more. Fixing the lines requires the use of a 600 amp welder, DeMars said. The city has no such equipment and is currently looking for one to rent.

• If you tried to call Escanaba or Chicago on Tuesday, you probably noticed a distinct lack of cooperation on the part of your telephone. All long distance circuits in Manistique, Gulliver and Garden in General Telephone’s jurisdiction were out on Tuesday. According to David Bloom, Installation and Maintenance Supervisor, the long distance cables between Gladstone and Escanaba were cut Tuesday at about 1:30 p.m. by crews cleaning a drainage ditch.

• Craig Herro and Pete Hoholik posted wins last weekend in the Northern Wisconsin-Upper Peninsula Golden Gloves Tournament in Marshfield Wis. The two fighters will now join four other members of the Manistique National Guard Boxing Club at the tournament semi-finals in Marshfield this Saturday. Also fighting are Bill Carney, Rick Howard, Mark Masters and Troy Herro. Craig Herro posted two wins ay last week’s tourney. Losing their bouts were Kevin Tweedie and Darwin Smith.

• Upper Peninsula residents will be able to see a part of the solar eclipse on Monday, Feb. 26, but authorities warn that the eclipse should not be viewed with the naked eye, telescope or binoculars. The eclipse is the last one which will be visible in the continental United States until the year 2024.

20 Years Ago February 24, 1994

• Girl Scout troop #339 members Joni Larche, Arianna Jeske, Lindsay Mc- Cune, Jill Nelson, Emily Plackowski and Nicole Lovay recently received a plaque from Olympic ice skater Nancy Kerrigan. The girls sent her a banner, Valentine’s cards and candy, and U.P. pins after her attack in Detroit.

• The Inwood Township Fire Department/Emergency Medical Services has received an automatic defibrillator through a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Upper Peninsula Emergency Medical Services. A defibrillator is used in cases of a heart attack or other circumstances resulting in irregular heart rhythm.

• Motivation was the key factor and the mover and shaker was Coach Barb Landis of Cooks. The Michigan High School Athletic Association of Lansing has finally consented, as of May 1993, to let Big Bay de Noc School and Manistique combine some of their sports. One of the sports to be combined was swimming, thanks to Landis. Ninth through twelfth grade Big Bay de Noc students are offered the opportunity to swim with the Manistique varsity team on a varsity level. Landis only has one student from Big Bay on the Manistique- Big Bay de Noc team. Tera Savage of Cooks decided to join. Landis has 32 students on her team, Manistique members are 32 girls and 9 boys.

10 Years Ago February 19, 2004

• With Schoolcraft County perhaps only weeks away from the implementation of a fully-enhanced 911 dispatch system, local residents are beginning to see a difference in the way their emergency calls are being answered. Effective today, those calls are being handled by the Michigan State Police Regional Dispatch Center in Negaunee. The switching of the calls to Negaunee is the latest step in the county’s long march to 911 - a process that began in the late 1980s, hit a low point in 1997 and picked up steam again several years later.

• Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Nicholas E. McGuire recently participated in the seizure of 2,800 pounds of hashish, with an estimated value of $11 million, after intercepting a small sea vessel in the North Arabian Sea, while assigned to the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit. The interceptions are designed to hinder the funding of terrorist organizations by denying the use of the seas for the smuggling of illegal contraband. This was the third interception by coalition maritime forces in recent weeks. McGuire joined the Marine Corp in 2002. He is the son of Gloria and David McGuire of Manistique.

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