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County buys new truck for building and grounds

$24K vehicle set to come out of DTR fund

MANISTIQUE – The county’s Building and Grounds Department will soon be in possession of a brand new truck. The Schoolcraft County Board of Commissioners voted to purchase the truck to replace the department’s current vehicle, which had excessive wear and tear, during a recent meeting.

According to Commissioner Dan LaFoille, the new truck, a 2014 three-quarter ton Ford pickup, will cost the county $24,765. The county may opt later to outfit the truck with a plow or install a bed liner.

During Tuesday’s meeting, LaFoille said the county’s finance committee had met and discussed how to pay for the truck. Originally, the county had set aside $15,000 in one line item, and $6,000 in another to cover the cost. In the committee meeting, however, it was suggested the money come from the Delinquent Tax Revolving Fund.

The money from the two line items would then be placed into a Capital Improvement Fund for the courthouse.

“We have some things coming up with the courthouse security and so forth,” LaFoille explained. “We thought we would bolster the capital improvement fund.”

Commissioners unanimously approved purchasing the truck, using the DTR fund, and making the transfer to the capital improvement fund.

In other business, commissioners voted, yet again, on a new Schoolcraft County Airport manager. The person previously approved by the board had recently been taken out of the running. “I’m not sure how available he’s going to be,” Commissioner Jerry Zellar said. “I think he wanted a raise before he took the job, and it would be tough to do that.”

The Schoolcraft County Road Commission has been covering maintenance duties since the end of last year while the county searched to replace the previous managers.

Commissioner Craig Reiter introduced his fourth recommended candidate for the job, area resident Donald “Butch” Wood, during Tuesday’s meeting. Reiter indicated he had a “lengthy” interview with Wood and felt he would be an “excellent’ candidate for the job.

The commissioners voted unanimously to approve Wood as the new airport manager.

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