2014-02-20 / Community

Marshal: Clear all hydrant areas

LANSING – As snow continues to fall and pile up this winter, State Fire Marshal Richard Miller is urging all Michigan citizens to help keep fire hydrants and emergency exits clear of snow and ice for easier emergency access.

“Fire hydrants can quickly disappear when buried under mountains of snow, making it impossible to find them quickly in emergencies,” said Miller. “Precious time is lost when first responders have to first locate and then dig out fire hydrants to establish a water supply. That can be catastrophic in a fire emergency.”

Routinely take care to shovel at least a 3-foot radius around hydrants after a snowfall or road snowplowing. Emergency exits from all public buildings such as malls, grocery stores, restaurants, theatres, and churches should also be clear of snow and ice for first responders to gain quick access when responding to emergency calls.

“I urge business owners and residents to take responsibility of keeping snow away from hydrants in their communities to allow for easy access when needed,” Miller said.

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