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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

As a medical professional, patient advocate and resident of the city of Manistique, I feel obligated to respond to statements B.J. Rubick made at the city council meeting on Jan. 27.

Mr. Rubick, a paramedic, stated to the city council, and the citizens of Manistique, that “paramedics can do everything that a doctor can do.” This statement is not only untrue, it is dangerous. When a citizen calls 911, they will not be getting a doctor coming to their house, no matter what agency shows up at their door.

Paramedics, while an important part of the health care team, are not physicians. Their scope of practice is quite limited in comparison to physicians, as well as their training. Paramedics are able to do more than EMT specialists, but they practice using treatment protocols developed and approved by physicians.

My statements should not be interpreted to represent the opinions of any organization I may be affiliated with, professional or personal.

Jen Casey, RN


Dear Editor,

I have been following the ambulance service discussion in the Pioneer Tribune with great interest. When a person gets to my age (78), you don’t like to think about needing an ambulance too soon, but you never know. Anyway, I read the articles and the letters to the editor, which all had lots of information – but still, I have been wondering.

It seems as though both sides of the issue agree that the city’s ambulance service is quite adequate and the ambulance workers do a commendable job. So, I wonder what are they lacking that we need something else. I wonder, of every ten patients transported by the city ambulance, how many needed “advanced” life support? Has anyone died because it wasn’t available? I don’t remember reading about any. Maybe I missed it.

I was sorry to read about Dr. Baker and her family having to wait for the ambulance for their loved one. I’m sure it was very traumatic. So, I wonder how much faster the new ambulance service would be. I wonder if there will be personnel on stand-by 24/7, so they can hit the road immediately when they get the call? I see the city ambulance flying down the River Road every once in a while, so I wonder if the new ambulances can travel any faster and still be safe.

I also wonder about who the new ambulance workers are. I know quite a few of the city’s ambulance crew. It is a comfort to know who is taking care of you in a crisis situation. I guess it is a trust issue. Who are the people who will be on the new ambulance? Will I feel confident if I don’t know them? I guess if I lived in a big city I wouldn’t even bother to ask. I just wonder. If I had a choice, I’m pretty sure I’d feel better knowing the caregivers.

It seems to me I remember seeing on the TV 6 news a while back that a private ambulance service had just up and left the community on short notice because it wasn’t making enough money to continue service. I wonder if that could happen here. I wonder if the city will have to sell off their vehicles and equipment if there is a competing ambulance service. Will we get left with no service at all someday?

Finally, I wonder about how much more the “advanced” service will cost. Medicare pays just so much and I will have to pick up the difference. Will I be paying a lot more for a service I don’t really need.

It is hard to say no to progress, especially when it comes labeled as “advanced”. It kind of reminds me of the “advanced” cold medicine I bought recently. It cost twice as much as the old stuff, and my cold lasted just as long and I felt just as miserable. I should have known better, but I didn’t take the time to wonder before I bought it.

Yours truly,

Mary Lyon

Manistique Township

To the Editor:

I would like to encourage everyone to show support for Manistique EMS. The men and woman that work for this department continually go above and beyond the call of duty for this entire community!

They provide us all with exceptional EMS service every day. They strive to stay up to date and educated on all their EMS skills with continuing education courses. Manistique EMS is currently working towards advancement in their skill level; becoming ALS certified.

They volunteer their time in order to provide members of this community, our children, Boy/ Girl Scouts, teachers/schools and the companies we work for, with life saving education on CPR and First Aid training. They are standing by – volunteering their time and skills at every Emeralds home football game, as well as countless other events that take place through out the year.

Manistique EMS often responds to calls to find upon arrival at the scene that the only need is a lift assist, or assistance with other needs, that require no transport to the hospital. Manistique EMS provides that assistance every day to citizens in our community, happily, without complaint and without charge! They stay after transferring critical patients to the hospital and assist with care as long as the doctor and nurses need it. They work as part of the health care team, to provide the best care possible for every patient they transport.

Although the hospital is now located outside of city limits, as public safety officers they consistently provide hospital employees and patients with assistance and security.

Manistique EMS does this because they are a part of this community. They don’t just work here; they live here, with their families. They do this because they are our friends, our family and our neighbors!

Please stand up, speak up and support them! It is the least we could do considering what they do for us.

Kristie Swanson


Dear Editor,

I was just reading the Jan. 16 Pioneer Tribune. MPS Director Ken Golat has introduced an ordinance to have EMS as primary responder within the city of Manistique.

He said that he believes “it is time to protect our interests, personnel and the public by adopting a city ordinance regarding ambulance operations in the city of Manistique.”

He is only protecting his interests and personnel, not the public.

Marilyn Ziegler

Elgin IL

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I agree with Marilyn

I agree with Marilyn Ziegler.........Manistique seems to have a few people who "run" the town and too many residents are too busy or just say, "That's the way it is" And then, there are those who are too lazy to think for themselves. I was born and raised in Manistique, and returned after I retired... After being away, it was difficult to return to a place where people complained, but no one took the initiative to do anything about it.....(Or maybe they think they will end up like Peter Markham....... I have my own opinion of the Police chief, and his "cronies" And by the way, he is a younger cousin, who seems to be so much into himself.