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Halpin breaks out ... again

Cassidy Garvin stays focused as she competes in last Wednesday’s home meet against Sault Ste. Marie and Rudyard. 
Joe LeBlanc photo Cassidy Garvin stays focused as she competes in last Wednesday’s home meet against Sault Ste. Marie and Rudyard. Joe LeBlanc photo MANISTIQUE – It’s a record breaking year for Manistique’s Allison Halpin. The sophomore broke the school record in the 100-yard freestyle for the second time this season.

Halpin originally set the new time in Kingsford at 1:01.71. She broke that record last week when Manistique hosted Sault Ste. Marie and Rudyard. Halpin set the new mark at 1:01.59.

Halpin also took first in the 50 freestyle. It was originally her goal to break that record at the meet. The 50 freestyle record is currently held by Chloe Forstner, who set it at 27.06 in 2001.

Following suite on the diving board, Robert Ayotte also placed first. The addition of Ayotte to the board has added some very valuable points for the team.

Emerald senior Ryan Ramey also took first in the 50 freestyle with a time of 29.50.

Over all, both Emerald teams took third in the triangular meet. The boys posted 74 to the girls 77.

The Emeralds will travel to the Sault to compete against both teams again on Feb. 4.

First place finishes:

Boys: Robert Ayotte, diving, 99.75; Ryan Ramey, 50 freestyle, 29.50.

Girls: Allison Halpin, 50 freestyle, 27.97; Halpin 100 freestyle 1:01.59

Second place finishes:

Boys: R. Ayotte, 100 freestyle, 1:03.14.

Girls: Morgan Kangas, Jamie Erickson, Cassidy Garvin, Halpin, 200 relay, 2:08.7

Third place finishes:

Boys: Caleb Swanson, Trevor Ayotte, R. Ayotte, Ramey, 200 medley relay, 2:27.97; P.J. Birr, 200 freestyle, 2:10.09; Todd Hronek, diving, 161.3; Birr, 500 freestyle, 6:22.51; Dan Phillips, T. Ayotte, Birr, Ramey, 200 relay, 2:09.8; Swanson, 100 back stroke; T. Ayotte, 100 breast stroke, 1:32.87; Birr, Ramey, Swanson, R. Ayotte, 400 relay, 4:34.25.

Girls: Garvin, 500 freestyle, 7:22.33; Brittany Zellar, 100 back stroke, 1:21.62; Kangas, Garvin, Zellar, Halpin, 400 relay, 4:55.87.

Fourth place finishes:

Boys: Phillips, 200 freestyle, 2:51.94; T. Ayotte, 50 freestyle, 31.67; Swanson, 100 freestyle, 1:10.52; Phillips, 100 back stroke, 1:49.19.

Girls: Emily Bauman, Alycia Stoll, Abby Schwartz, Calli Ansell, 200 relay, 2:27.05; Bauman, 100 breast stroke, 1:39.91; Alex McKinney, Schwartz, Brandi Minor, Mandy Swayer, 400 relay, 5:30.6.

Fifth place finishes:

Girls: Erickson, Stoll, Minor, Kangas, 200 medley relay, 2:43.24; Swayer, 200 freestyle, 2:56.12; Bauman, 200 individual medley, 3:24.96; Kangas, 100 butterfly, 1:45.43; Minor, 100 freestyle, 1:20; McKinney, 500 freestyle, 7:29.23; Erickson, 100 back stroke, 1:29.85; Stoll, 100 breast stroke, 1:44.34.

Sixth place finishes

Girls: Schwartz, Ansell, Garvin, McKinney, 200 medley relay, 2:49.21; Schwartz, 200 freestyle, 3:10.12; Ansell, 50 freestyle, 35.55.

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