2014-01-30 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, it sure is cold outside! And if you were to look at the weather forecast for far off down the road it could be a while before we finally get some nice enjoyable weather. On top of this, in my opinion, it should not snow when it is this cold out. But not only are we getting snow all the time, but it seems to be coming in with a good tail wind.

Someone sent me this little jingle that kind of tells the story of this winter up here in the U.P.

It’s winter in da U.P., eh? It’s winter in da U.P.,eh? And the gentle breezes blow. At 70 miles an hour, at 35 below. Oh, how I love winter in da U.P. When the snow’s up to your butt. You take a breath of winter air and your nose gets frozen shut. Yes, the weather here is wonderful, so I guess I’ll hang around. I could never leave da U.P. anyways, ’cause I’m frozen to the ground! Author unknown

So no matter what, I guess those of us that live up here in the U.P. just have to be winter hardy.

I talked to some snowmobilers in a gas station the other day and they are still coming up to snowmobile. But they said that even with all the gear you have in this day and age they said it is still cold out there.

So far this snowmobile season, there have been seven snowmobile fatalities in Michigan Of these, three have been up here in the U.P. So as you ride just be careful out there and watch out for others using the trails.

It is also going to be a hard hitting winter on Yoopers heating bills. In fact, it is already making that wood pile out behind the house shrink more and more with each day that passes with this cold weather. I would hate to say how many times I told Wifee as we came in from outside into a nice warm house, “Praise the Lord for a warm home during this kind of weather.”

I will say that one of the jobs I would hate to have this winter would be to be a mailman. Needless to say they can dress for cold weather, but with the way the chill factor has been at times it will still get to them. On top of this it seems like 90 percent of what they deliver at times is “junk-mail” that nobody reads and just drops into the trash can. So as you receive your mail take a minute and remember how it got there.

There are a number of winter activities taking place here and around the area the next couple of weeks. If you should be taking part in them remember to dress for them. Also remember to watch the youngsters.

Last week I was talking to a party that sells sewing machines and like everything else I was talking about what things can cost today. In case you have not looked at sewing machines lately you could spend thousands and thousands of dollars on one. Of course these new sewing machines do so many things you have to be a computer Exspurt to even sew in today’s world.

I told this man that I have purchased a new car for less than a sewing machine could cost in today’s world.

He then told me this story to prove his point and prove it he did.

He told about a lady that came in to look at sewing machines with her husband. As they looked around her husband made this statement to the store owner, “I can’t believe people could spend over $5,000 on a sewing machine.”

The store owner being wise to the ways of a Yooper said to the man, “Let me ask you how much does a man spend for something like a new four-wheeler that he only uses a few months out of the year when a lady can use a sewing machine all year around?”

The man just stated, “You may have a point there.”

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