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Senior Center News

Have you ever heard the phrase “pay it forward”? We recently lost a dedicated board member named Nancy Cheney. Nancy had spent countless volunteer hours being on the board. She was known to pour her heart and soul into everything she believed in.

Because of Nancy’s dedication to the center, I offered to assist in organizing volunteers and food for a luncheon after her funeral service. I have to say I couldn’t believe how easy it was, as so many came forward to assist.

After the luncheon her family dropped by my office to thank us for the assistance. They discussed and insisted on “paying it forward” by offering to purchase a new defibrillator for the senior center in honor of Nancy. We were absolutely speechless. A still grieving family was thinking of how they could help others in the community. All that kept running through my mind was Nancy looking down smiling at what her family did. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the Cheney family for their generosity.

We also sincerely wish to thank the Cheney family for having memorials directed to the senior center. A family such as yours makes our senior center one to be proud of for such a small community.

It’s time to brag. While preparing a county annual report, it was noted our volunteer drivers for our Long-Distance Medical Transportation Program once again did an awesome job. Volunteer drivers logged 15,802 miles on the road for elderly age 60 plus who were in need of making it to medical appointments in Marquette, Escanaba, Green Bay, Wis., etc. They volunteered 511and a half hours, with drivers being on the road for most of the day, including patiently waiting for them to finish their appointments.

The Manistique Senior Center is the only one who provides this service through UPCAP, Inc., as we are the only ones who could find volunteers willing to take on this project. Drivers receive 56 cents per mile. We are always looking for volunteer drivers.

If you think you might want to volunteer, please give the office staff a call at 341-5923. Kudos go out to Joanne Annelin, Bob Elcoate, Glenda Francis, Jennifer Neadow, Richard Johnson, John and Joanne Kleis and Wesley Turan. I especially want to thank my husband, Joe, for filling in when I couldn’t find a driver recently. The client was able to get his pacemaker as needed.

Monetary donations have been received at the senior center in memory of:

• “Uncle” John Potvin from John and Donna Gauthier

• Nancy Cheney from Corky Middledorf, Darcy Weber, Beth Mclaren, Sally Schuetter, Bill Pawley, Edith Greene, Joan Gossett, Walter and Linda Knudsen Jr., Wanda Swanson, Jack and Helen Creighton, Bill and Rita Rossier, Gil and Sue Studinger, Bob and Ruth Ann Johnson, Phil and Jackie Villemure, and Class of 1956 Ladies Lunch - Margo Gleason, Lorna Bowers, Sherry Varnum, Elizabeth Aldrich, Carol Leny, Marilyn Fritz, Arleen Turan, Kathryn Anderson, Sheila Parrish, and Rosalie Miller

• Jesse Schnurer from Sally Schuetter and Bill Pawley

• Dorothy Hoholik from Edith Greene, Jackie and Phil Villemure, Nancy Casey

• John Potvin from Judy McEachern, John and Patricia Sundbeck, Keith and Lori Flodin, Phil and Jackie Villemure

• Bob Weber from Jackie and Phil Villemure, Nancy Casey

BRIDGE Jan. 17: 1st-Audrey Savoie, 2nd-Bev Jahn, 3rd-Pat Flint, 4th-Linda Lowman, 5th- Joyce Lesica, CFC-Mary Ann Thorell. Hostess, Helen Barton.

BRIDGE Jan 20: 1st-Hanna Mammen, 2nd-Patsy Calhoun, 3rd-Audrey Savoie, 4th-Lois Hoholik, CFC-Pat Flint. Hostess, Audrey Savoie.

PINOCHLE Jan. 14: 1st-Peggy Beckman, 2nd-Audrey Newborn, 3rd-Arlene Demars, Low- George Shampine.

500 Jan. 17: 1st-Ruth Jones, 2nd-Chris Keener, 3rd-Carl Sundling, Should’a Stayed Home- Nancy Casey

Birthdays this week: Jan. 26- Rita Peterson, Jan. 27-Carl Louis, Jan. 28-Donna Walker , Jan. 30- Vera Poupore and Doris Alexander.

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