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Snyder: Michigan comeback continues, more and better jobs still a top priority

State of State address laden with optimism

LANSING – Michigan will fuel its impressive comeback through innovations such as a statewide system for training and educating skilled technicians, attracting global talent and reinventing the way in which services to residents in need are provided, Gov. Rick Snyder said in his fourth State of the State address.

“The Michigan of 2014 is an exciting place to be,” Snyder said. “It’s a new year and we have new ideas that will keep our comeback in high gear. Whether it’s encouraging the creation of more and better jobs, preparing children for tomorrow’s opportunities, protecting our precious natural resources or supporting residents with special needs, we’ll work collaboratively across the state to find Michigan solutions to Michigan challenges. I appreciate the Legislature’s work in moving our state forward and we’ll continue that partnership in the months ahead.”

Michigan’s Dashboard, implemented by Snyder in 2011, shows progress on several fronts. For example, the state leads all others in the growth of manufacturing jobs. Michigan has added nearly 221,000 privatesector jobs since December 2010. Michigan’s per capita personal income growth rate is tied for No. 1 among Great Lakes states. In addition, Michigan’s population has marked the first consecutive years’ growth since 2003-04.

The governor called for:

More and Better Jobs

Continuing the administration’s laser focus on creating an environment that encourages job growth and prosperity.

This includes:

•Making Michigan even more welcoming to immigrants with advanced academic degrees or entrepreneurial aspirations, allowing the state to benefit from their countless contributions, including job creation.

21st Century Education

Ensuring that Michigan’s education system is indeed a 21st century system that reflects the needs of this technology age. This includes:

•Encouraging schools to consider a voluntary program in which they would extend classes year-round, rather than interrupting student learning with a three-month summer break.

Quality of Life

Improving the quality of life in our communities, as well as for seniors, and residents with special needs. The governor said:

•Michigan should become a “no wait state” for seniors who qualify for home-delivered meals and in-home services. Nearly 4,500 seniors are not receiving the inhome services, including homedelivered meals, that they need. In Southeastern Michigan, half of the people qualifying for services must wait six months or more to receive services. The governor will propose additional funding in his recommended budget to eliminate this waiting list. The governor also announced that he will prepare a special message outlining opportunities to reinvent the way in which Michigan provides services to seniors.

Protecting Our Environment and Natural Resources

Ensuring the protection of Michigan’s natural resources while allowing for their wise use. The governor called for:

•Increasing the state’s effort to combat invasive species, which cause environmental damage, as well as economic harm in excess of $4 billion annually across the Great Lakes region.

Good Government

Continuing with the reinvention of state government so that it is customer-focused and delivers the best possible service. The governor proposed that:

• Michigan should join other states in passing a resolution that supports a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Visit www.michigan.gov/snyder for more information on the State of the State address.

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