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January freeze, thaw reveals more potholes

LANSING – It’s not spring yet, but a mid-January warm-up brought with it a bumper crop of potholes across Michigan. If drivers spot a pothole on an I-, US- or M-route, it can reported to the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Pothole Hotline.

Motorists in Michigan can report potholes on state highways in three ways: calling the Pothole Hotline at 888-296-4546; clicking the “Report a Pothole” link in the Spotlight section at www.michigan.gov/mdot; or by calling your local MDOT Transportation Service Center or region office.

“The quicker we know about where potholes are forming, the sooner we can get them patched,” said State Transportation Director Kirk T. Steudle. “Patching them won’t last, but will help get us through until warmer weather returns.”

Potholes are most prevalent during freeze/thaw cycles, when water penetrates the pavement surface and refreezes, pushing the pavement up. Vehicles then push the pavement back down, breaking it and starting a pothole.

Those reporting pothole locations are asked to provide the route name (M, I or US designation), the county, the nearest community, and the closest cross street or interchange. Potholes on non-state roads should be reported to local road commissions.

Con artists using new tricks to scam locals

NEGAUNEE – The Michigan State Police Negaunee Post reminds residents that scams can take many different forms, but if the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Most scams involve obtaining a victim’s personal information under false pretenses. The scammer usually portrays a sense of urgency, pretending to be an official of a legitimate organization to fool a victim into providing personal information.

In a new twist, individuals on the phone claim to be a federal agent who will accept a money pack card code and after ten working days will send you a $7,000 check in the mail from the government.

To avoid becoming a scam victim:

• Do not give personal information to unknown callers.

• Do not respond to unsolicited e-mails from unknown senders.

• Confirm the identity of a contact by independently speaking with the identified source

• Report any suspicious contacts

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