2014-01-09 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, here we are with a new year and, needless to say, the cold weather we had all of December is still with us. Hopefully we will get what is called our January “thaw” and things will warm up at least a little bit for more than a day at a time. It sure has been a while since we have had weather like this so early in the winter, but just maybe we have been spoiled with the winters we have had.

One thing this weather has caused is a lot of frozen pipes. With this super cold weather, if you have problems with your heating system, make sure you have it checked out by someone who knows how to fix it and make sure it is safe. In fact, in some cases, you can even ask the gas company to help you out. If the power goes out, never bring a charcoal grill indoors to use; these are meant to use outdoors in the open air only.

On another note, if what we have had for a month lasts for another month or two our deer herd is in for some serious problems. Plus if we should have another drawn out long, wet, cold winter, this too would really hurt our deer herd along with all the other wildlife. Needless to say, it is going to be a long period from now until spring really gets here for the sportsmen.

One of the reasons, from what I have been told, is these long super cold spells are really hard on the deer herd and burns off a lot of their body fat. Seeing sportsmen can no longer feed deer in the deer yards when these long cold winters hit that are really hard on the deer herd, there is really nothing they can do.

I have pictures dating back to the middle of the last century that show where sportsmen’s clubs were feeding deer in the deer yards to help them make it through the winter.

But with the “experts” we have now, it is not allowed.

But one thing that this early winter has allowed is an early start of the snowmobile season up here in the U.P.

But already in this year’s snowmobile season there has been two reported fatalities. There also have been a number of other accidents and even a case where one went through the ice and the rider had to be rescued. So be careful out there as you go for a ride.

One other important thing to think about that kind of tells about the age we live in is that I think you should always carry a cell phone whenever you are out on the trails. Or, for that matter, it would be a good idea to always carry your phone with you whenever you are using the outdoors.

It is amazing how I read so many times where a cell phone was used to report an accident where it could easily have become a fatality if there was not a cell phone and someone had to go for help or report it.

In fact, there have been cases where even after the accident had been reported law enforcement had no idea where the accident scene was so they used the cell phone to locate it. In some cases it seemed to have helped save the life of the person involved in the accident.

I guess one cannot be too careful whenever ice fishing, snowmobiling or any other way we use the outdoors and it may not even be a case where you are involved in an accident, but it may be where you come upon one.

We always seem to hear about the accidents caused by cell phone and texting, but like so many other things when used right they can also save a life.

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