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A Look Back at the... Pioneer-Tribune Archives

50 Years Ago January 2, 1964

• A schedule of three railroad ferries a week will be resumed between Manistique and Frankfort starting next week, according to George Stephens, local agent for the Ann Arbor Railroad. Boats will be due here Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings, he said. The Sunday boat arrival time will be 3:40 p.m., while the Tuesday and Thursday boats will be due in at 5 p.m. Since Oct. 1, the boats have been on a twice-weekly schedule, calling here on Wednesdays and Sundays.

• “The Legend of Kitchitikipi” an Indian story of Schoolcraft County’s famous Big Spring, has been written by Mrs. Pearl Squires Olsen of Thompson and published by the Tribune Publishing Co. The 17-page illustrated book went on sale locally last week. As a little girl, the writer heard the story from her grandmother, who lived at Thompson. It was more than 60 years ago that Mrs. Olsen’s grandmother told her the fascinating tale which had been related to her many years previously. A native of Thompson, Pearl Squires Olsen has lied most of her life there. “The Legend of Kitchitikipi” is one of many area historical writings which she has busied herself with recently. She is the greatgranddaughter of Judge Hiram G.D. Squires, the first owner of Fayette Harbor.

• A sharp increase in dog complaints has been noted in the past several weeks by City Manager S.C. Gesko, Jr. Dog owners are reminded that dogs should be confined or tied, and not allowed to wander loose. Gesko said that owners should take an interest in their dogs rather than having the city forced to pick them up and dispose of them.

• A total of eight players were added to the six teams in the grade school league at their practice session Dec. 221; making a total of 42 boys participating in the program under the direction of Dick Berger. Added to the rosters were Donald Tyrrell, Donald LaMuth, Kenneth Tufnell, Bruce Tufnell, Cary Lynts, Paul Villemure, Kenneth Roberts and Fred Cayia.

• Michigan is closing out 1963 with an estimated 1,830 traffic deaths, the highest toll since 1955, along with new all-time highs of 123,750 persons injured and 255,500 accidents, according to projections cited in the year’s summary of activities by the State Police.

35 Years Ago January 4, 1979

• The first baby born at Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital in 1979 was Sarah Elizabeth Davis, daughter of Richard and Marcia Davis of Route 1, Manistique. Sarah was born at 7:53 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 3. She weighed eight pounds, five ounces.

• The Manistique ski hill opened for use this past week, according to city Recreation Director Rick Larsen. Although the slope “needs more base” in Larsen’s words, the tow will be operating and skiers will be allowed to use the facility.

• Officials of a utility company in Detroit announced last week that solar energy was not a “practical” alternative for the state of Michigan because of a lack of sunshine. Roger and Mary Ash of Fairport might disagree with them. The solar installation at their farm home was designed to provide up to 39 percent of the family’s heat, but the Ashes estimate that the actual figure is closer to 50 percent. The collector itself is a double-paned, specially-treated glass, A-frame structure about 8’x20’. Inside it are 15 yards of crushed, washed rock. The sun’s rays enter the glass panels and warm the rock. Fans then move the heat into the home and circulate it. “It’s like the inside of a car in the sun,” Mary said. “It works the same way.” The system was designed to pay for itself in 11 years, with the heat they are getting, it will be more like seven years.

• Manistique’s John Pistulka scored a tourney-high 37 points Saturday night to lead Freddie’s Bar to the Class C title in the fifth annual Escanaba Holiday Classic amateur basketball tournament. Freddie’s defeated Republic Pine Grove 95-83 for the title. The team included former Manistique High School basketball players, John Pistulka, Don St. John, Bill Pistulka, Dave Mickelson, Gary Kaiser, Ralph Bjorn, John Nelson, Mike Asp and Don Videtich.

20 Years Ago January 7, 1994

• Troopers at the Manistique Michigan State Police Post will improve the way they communicate this spring when a new 800 megahertz radio system is implemented. The radio communication system which is currently being installed in all Michigan State Police units, will support the use of mobile data terminals, live can fingerprinting, on-line incident reporting and automatic patrol vehicle locators. One feature of the new radio system is live scan fingerprinting. This feature will allow troopers to scan in fingerprints, which will go through the in-car computer system, into dispatch and into the main computer link. Identification and records can almost instantly be transmitted back to the trooper.

• The snow removal ordinance has already made its mark on the City of Manistique. More than 18 inches of snow fell on the city in the last week, but even with the heavy snow, the sidewalks are noticeably clearer. There are still some areas that need to be cleared, but for the most part, the ordinance seems to be making a positive difference in the community. Keeping the sidewalks clear makes it easier and safer for the children walking to school and the elderly.

• Fred Tyrrell recently celebrated his 25-year anniversary at the Pioneer- Tribune.

10 Years Ago January 1, 2004

• The new year brings a changing of the guard at Manistique Papers, Inc. Effective Jan. 1, President and General Manager Leif Christensen is retiring and plant engineer Jon Johnson is taking over as the mill’s new general manager.

• When most people think of Manistique, they think of a quiet community with relatively peaceful, solitary activities. But that image may be changing soon, thanks to a pair of local residents who are quickly turning this area into something else altogether - the home of stock car champions. 2003 ended up being a very good year for Manistique-area racers Brett Widdis and Jeff Dehanke. Widdis, 18, was crowned track champion at Thunder Valley Raceway in Marquette County. He also earned the track’s Rookie of the Year award in the late model division. Meanwhile Dehanke was also burning up the Thunder Valley track, driving a pure stock car he purchased from Widdis Racing a year earlier and earning his own Rookie of the Year title.

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