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Fish Report

Well, the end of the year is upon us and with the way it feels we have had enough winter so spring should be upon us too. I sure hope we didn’t have our January thaw on the 28 of December for one day only. If this super cold weather keeps on long enough, the ice fishermen will be placing extenders on the ice augers.

I really don’t mind the cold weather just so it comes along without any wind. When you get temperatures down around the zero mark with a good north wind too, it can be rather hard on the old body. But then again we are not in charge of the weather, all we can do is make the best of it.

I have a suggestion for all you grandparents out there that like to find something different to do with your grandkids.

During our December warm up on the 28, our daughter, her husband, and their two little girls went up to Fred Powers and took a ride out on the trails with his dog sled teams. The little girls loved it the same way a couple of our grandsons did last year.

At first mom had her doubts about having her own sled seeing this was her first time and grandma was a basket case, but after a while she got used to it and really enjoyed it.

The granddaughters had a ball around all his dogs and of course had to pick out their favorite one.

I will say Fred Powers (As the granddaughters say Mr. Fred) is excellent around the kids and enjoys and gets a laugh as he sets up the teams for the first timers. Being around Fred and his backwoods life style and his dog sledding company is an adventure in itself.

You can see all about Fred’s dog sledding adventures by going to his web site at Wilderness Trail Outfitters. To contact him or make reservations call (906) 360- 5480 or e-mail at dogsled@wildernesstrailoutfitters.com

I would suggest you get hold of him in plenty of time to make plans for a sled ride because he always seems to have a number of things going on.

The following can fall under a number of different categories. It could be, “You have to be kidding me”, “Who is worth more a human or an animal”, or maybe the best title could be, “It sure is a good time to be retired”.

As this story was passed on to me:

It seems there was this trapper that was out trapping for coyotes when he caught a bear in one of his coyote traps. He wanted to do everything above “board” and not get into any trouble so he contacted the DNR and told them what had happened.

He later met with some conservation officers and went out to take care of the problem of a bear caught by the foot in a coyote trap. He noticed they had a piece of wood with them and asked what they had that for?

He was told, “So they could lay it over the bear and hold the bear down while he removed the trap.” OK but just maybe you want to look at the size of the bear first. When they got out to where the bear was they too realized just maybe this was not going to be a good idea. This was not a cub bear but one that could ruin your day if it was to get a swing at you.

So what did they do? You would not believe this in the normal world but they were told to use a bigger board so one was sent out. It seems that someone somewhere did not want to hurt the bear or put it to sleep so they came up with this wonderful use a board and hold it down idea.

I do have to wonder if this method was OSHA approved!

The other thing I wonder is if they figure conservation officers are expendable.

They did get out there and managed to hold the bear still long enough for the trapper to get the trap off but I have to say that someone really has no idea the strength of a bear, even a small bear.

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