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Fish Report

Well, here we are now with Christmas here, which is only rivaled by the deer season opener here in the U.P. I guess any time spent with family and friends when you kind of tend to forget all the world’s problems is a special time.

If you read my “Fish Report” each week you already know that I am one of those old timers who still believes time spent with family is one of those things so many are missing out on in today’s world.

So just make sure you get out there and give the best gift anyone can give to someone and that is their time and the enjoyment of being together.

If you are one of those that plan on spending some time snowmobiling during the holidays please be careful. It is funny but the boy and I were looking for a couple of used snow machines but we wanted one that the grandkids could use. It seems all the machines made now have to be able to do umpteen miles an hour.

In looking at some of the records for last year’s snowmobile season it seems there were 23 fatalities during the snowmobile season. Of these most of them seemed to have come into contact with a tree or some other immovable object. When this happens it almost always involves speed.

One other thing which way too often is a large factor is alcohol. As the old saying goes, “Speed and alcohol are never a good combination”.

Back when the boy was young you could get a 292 Skidoo or a single banger that they could use without fear of it going so fast you were scared to let them ride it. Now it seems that there are two types out there, the kiddy machines and the hundred mile an hour machines.

The good old family machine seems to have gone the way of so many other things.

I guess some things just never seem to change in law enforcement.

It just seems with today’s internet world some violators are so smart they are stupid. I heard a story about a party that was going around bragging about the large buck he had shot that was at the local taxidermist getting mounted. It seems the local game warden finally heard the story about the big deer.

So he went down to the taxidermist to check on the big buck. In checking this rack out he found there wasn’t a license with it or any other paperwork. It was later determined that the party had not purchased a license.

In following up on the big rack he found the party had a web site and while looking at his site he observed pictures of two more nice bucks.

After going over and talking to the guy about his deer, he found out besides not having a license for the one at the taxidermist he finally admitted to taking a real nice 7-point and a 6-point while shining at night with his buddy before season.

It seems to be the same old story where a poacher takes a nice trophy buck illegally but cannot help but brag about it and that is where he gets into trouble.

There is another big change coming for hunters and that is with the closing of the last factory to make lead bullets.

It seems we will now be going to copper bullets unless someone comes up with a better idea. As the old saying goes, “Times sure are changing”.

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