2013-12-19 / Lifestyles

VA offers E-donate to assist local veterans

IRON MOUNTAIN – The Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center recently announced the availability of E-Donate, an online donation option at www.ironmountain. va.gov that will provide community members who wish to give back to veterans at the medical center a simple and safe way to pledge their support to the fund of their choice.

“We’ve known for years that our citizens want to show their support to the service members who defended their freedoms,” said James Rice, Medical Center director. “While not everyone will have the time to volunteer, now anyone can take five minutes online to thank Veterans in any number of ways.”

The E-Donate option allows donors to select from a number of uses that they would like to see their donation go to. Additionally, the VA’s administrative costs are appropriated through Congress, so donors can be sure 100 percent of their donations go to the funds that are used for the veteran patients they are choosing to support.

“Donated money at our medical center can be earmarked for use by a wide variety of programs such as homeless veterans, women veterans, and recreational therapy, just to name a few,” says Greg Weiss, chief of Voluntary Service. “The donations that are made to this facility empower us to provide a wide range of services that are not seen in the normal hospital setting, such as taking our long term care residents to a community activity or helping fund a last wish for a hospice patient.”

Full details about the various different programs can be found at: www.ironmountain.va.gov/giving. Donors can find the E-Donate button at this site. The actual donation is made through a secure site at the Department of Treasury’s www.pay.gov. A minimum of $5 is required for online donation.

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