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Senior Center News

Once again it was a full house at our Annual Christmas Party which was held this past Thursday. Was it all the cold weather that blew you in?

The evening started out with an hour of socializing, eating finger foods, and getting pictures taken with Santa. A great “big” thank you goes out to Tom Kaltz for making sure he arrived on time. Lori Wood snapped pictures throughout the evening, and even caught those on Santa’s lap.

If you weren’t in the Christmas spirit, you were by the time Darrell Dixson, finished entertaining. Oh how that man can sing!! Thanks Darrell.

Bonnie Hokenson and her crew once again did a fabulous job providing the dinner. Bonnie has kept the cost down for us year after year and the food is so “yummy.”

Our volunteers/donators are fantastic! They included: Leonard and Mary LaFleur, Mary Burns, Lucille Boyd, Kristin Anderson, Edith Greene, John and Mary Lou Arnold, Heidi Troyer, Rita and Bruce Rossier, Sally Schuetter, Jean Louis, Bill and Nancy Cheney, Carol Anderson, Julie Roscioli, Megan Myron, Nicole Weber and Jessica Shampine.

Businesses are soooo supportive! Even with the struggling economy they have supported the Center 100 percent.

Tony Grahavec and the Community Corrections crew did an amazing job setting up and cleaning up, along with assisting in decorating.

We are looking forward to assisting you with services and activities in 2014. I, along with my staff, the two boards at the Center and all your friends wish you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year!

Several times a year we are asked what someone can purchase for the Senior Center. Because of this I thought I would give you some ideas. We are in need of new flags, which run approximately $65-70 each. The life expectancy is one to two years. We try to fly not only the US flag but also a military flag. The Center sends out military packages year around. We have a box set up in the hallway with a list to give donators ideas.

Other ideas which come to mind are birthday cards. We send birthday cards out to those age 80 years or older who are signed up for our newsletter. And of course we are always looking for, and going through, paper products: styrofoam cups, small paper plates for dessert which can be white or holiday designed, holiday napkins and placemats. Large and small baggies, saran and Reynolds wrap.

For our larger parties we are looking for two large deep frying pans and a marble cheese slicer. We are also in need of surge protectors that have four to five spaces to plug things into.

The Senior Center received several donations over the past few weeks. Kristin Anderson dropped by the office with Christmas decorations, Christmas cards were given to us by Rene Engel and Delores Gould. Greer Fish donated a Christmas tree to the Center. Delores Gould also dropped by with 2014 calendars for sharing.

Military packages received donations from: An anonymous donor, Amy and Eric Sundling, Bill Hoholik and Connie Shaw. Amy and Eric have a son stationed overseas.

Door and gift prizes were given by John and Mary Lou Arnold, Guerda Frenette, Carol Anderson and Jackie Villemure. A “Treasure and Trash” donation was given by Kristin Anderson. Also, Eileen St. Onge gave a miscellaneous donation.

A great “big” thank you goes out to Rosemary Sablack for her office help and Dan Barber for giving of his time to volunteer at bingo. Dan also dropped into the office with a donation of knitted hats.

Monetary donations have been received at the Senior Center in memory of:

• Caroline Howard from Dorothy McNamara

• Gerry Henkel from Betty Heinz

• Don Bellville from Betty Heinz

• Steve Derousha from Betty Heinz

• Fred Peterson from Bette Hough.

Maintenance and support donations were received from Jeanine Zellner, and John and Mary Lou Arnold.

BRIDGE Dec. 2: 1st-Bev Jahn, 2nd-Helen Barton, 3rd-Linda Lowman, 4th-George Lowman, CFCHanna Mammen. Hostess, Linda Lowman.

BRIDGE Dec. 6: 1st- Pat Flint, 2nd-Jackie Villemure, 3rd-Ray Krall, 4th-Nancy Brown, 5th-Lois Bellville, CFC-Betty Stewart. Host, George Lowman.

PINOCHLE Dec. 4: 1st-George Shampine, 2nd-Peg Beckman, 3rd-Bill Keener, Should’a Stayed Home-Carl Sundling.

500 Dec. 6: 1st-Carol Shampine, 2nd-Larry Peterson, 3rd-Rebecca Peterson, Should’a Stayed Home- George Shampine.

Birthdays this week: Dec. 13-Elizabeth LaTulip, Dec. 15-Lois Jewett, Dec. 16-Esther Czarnik and Sharon Olson, and on Dec. 19-Jack MacFarlane. Happy birthday wishes to all.

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