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City approves center lease, grant attempt

Manistique Senior Center has 20-year lease

MANISTIQUE – The Manistique Senior Center has a new lease from the city. The 30-year lease was approved by Manistique City Council members during a recent meeting.

According to City Manager Sheila Aldrich, lease agreement, drawn up by the city’s attorney, leases the building, located at 300 N. Maple St., to the center for a term of 20 years. The center’s previous lease with the city had expired in Sept. 2012.

“The senior center board met with the mayor and myself, along with the Commission on Aging Board,” she said. “We currently have a signed copy from them.”

In the lease, the center agrees to pay the city $1 per year for building; $20 for the entire lease term, which will end on Nov. 25, 2033. The center’s board is responsible for paying all of the building’s utilities, while the city covers the cost of any real and personal property taxes and special assessments.

The lease also states that the center’s board is responsible for maintaining the building.

A yearly financial report is another stipulation of the lease. The center must submit the report to the city manager, mayor and council members by Oct. 31 of each fiscal year.

Council members unanimously approved the lease. Senior Center Director Connie Frenette was on hand during the meeting to express her gratitude for the lease.

“I would like to thank the city council for working with and for the senior center,” she said.

In other business, the city approved a Stormwater, Asset Management, Wastewater Grant application for the Manistique Water Treatment Plant. According to Water/Wastewater Superintendent Corey Barr, the grant, offered by the Michigan Finance Authority and the Department of Environmental Quality is needed to cover the cost of a new requirement.

“Municipalities … are going to be required to have in place a very strict asset management program as it relates to sanitary sewer, storm sewer and wastewater treatment plan,” he said. “They’ve (the state) come up with some potential grant dollars to help pay for … basically cataloging all of our infrastructure, putting a dollar value to it, putting an age to it, putting a depreciation to it; along with hardware and software to collect that data properly.”

The city is requesting a total of $715,004 worth of grant funding – $611,832 for the wastewater asset management plan portion, and $114,672 for the stormwater asset management plan. There will be a required match of 10 percent, or $11,500, potentially coming from the city for the stormwater portion of the grant.

Barr explained the city will need to have the asset management plans in place when it renews its discharge permit in April 2015. If the city does not obtain the grant, the entire cost of the plan will have to be out of pocket, he added.

“It doesn’t look like we have much of a choice here,” said Mayor Dave Peterson. “Hopefully we get a grant to help pay for it.”

Council members unanimously approved applying for the SAW grant.

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