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Fish Report

Well, we are coming to the close of the firearm deer season and with Thanksgiving being so close to the end of the month, both are here at the same time. Wifee and I have much to be thankful for during the last year. Life sure has been good.

With the close of the firearm deer season there are both happy and disappointed hunters. Some people do not seem to realize that being the writer of the “Fish Report” I cannot go to Jack’s, stop for gas, or go to Hardees without someone asking about how the deer season went or telling me how theirs went.

They also feel free to give their opinion of the season and how they enjoyed it or why they did not. It seems that a lot of the local people feel they do not have an outlet to express what they think so they are more than willing to share it with me. If I tend to hear the same type comment over and over I may share it with the readers of my article. I always try to say if it was my personal opinion or what I am hearing when traveling around the area.

The last report I received about the deer season says that deer numbers in the U.P. are way down.

According to the Department of Natural Resources wildlife officials, early estimates are showing a decline in deer hunting success over the 2013 season.

The DNR states there is an estimated decline of about 30 to 40 percent for this year’s deer harvest.

Why are the numbers so low? The DNR reports that last year’s winter conditions and snowfall may have had an impact on the survival of fawns from 2012, and may have reduced the number of fawns from 2013.

Reports show that there is an increased percentage of older bucks, two-and-a-half years or older, being taken this year. Officials say that this supports the notion that last winter was difficult for the Upper Michigan deer herd.

According to officials, hunters have also noticed the slow start to the hunting season.

Now I guess we will just have to wait and see what the final deer season report is.

It seems as you talk to hunters or drop by hunting camps there is always a tale or two they want to tell you.

I have always heard and know of some cases where it seems identical twins can be miles apart and end up doing the same thing or even knowing what the other is thinking about. I have been told that when one identical twin passed away the other one felt he had lost something from inside him.

I heard this story a while back about an identical twin who was out hunting by himself in some rather rough country. He saw a nice buck and took a shot at it but only wounded it and the chase was on. He tracked this deer back into a swamp into an area where he had never hunted before and before he realized it darkness was upon him.

He finally found his buck, got it cleaned, and started out of the swamp dragging his deer. After traveling for a while he realized he was all messed up with his directions in the dark. He finally came to a river he had not crossed and it was way too wide to even try to get across now.

Our hunter finally decided he had better make plans to spend a long cold night out in the woods waiting for daylight to arrive. As he sat on a stump in the middle of he knew not where with a weak flashlight, he all of a sudden felt that his identical twin brother was there with him.

He sat there for some time while all the memories of all their past deer hunts together went through his mind. He finally got up grabbed the rope and started to drag his buck in the direction his brother seemed to be telling him to take.

After somewhat of a struggle he came to a road that he recognized as the logging trail he had parked his pickup on. He got to his truck, loaded his buck, and headed back to camp as he thought once again of how his identical twin brother had been part of another deer hunt and even came to his rescue this time.

The most interesting part of the tale as it was told to me was that our lost hunter’s identical twin brother had passed away during the last year.

Who am I to say, but there are some interesting tales out there.

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