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A Look Back at the... Pioneer-Tribune Archives

50 Years Ago November 21, 1963

• A meeting to discuss the proposed drive to purchase a community bus will be held tonight at 7:30 in the home economics room of the high school. Mrs. Dale cain, who is heading the drive, said the meeting is to discuss possibilities and see how much interest there is in purchasing such a bus.

• There will be no call for induction or physical examination for December, the local Selective Service office has announced. Youths reaching their 18th birthday are reminded they must register within five days at the office in the Post Office basement.

• Dr. Armand LaSorsa, who joined Dr. Merle Wehner at the Manistique Clinic last week, was the speaker at the regular meeting of the Lions club Tuesday evening at Liberty Hall. Dr. LaSorsa gave a brief biographical sketch, and spoke on his reasons for coming to Manistique, and his first impression of the community.

• A letter from the White House in Washington, D.C., thanking her for her contribution of E.B. White’s book, “Charlottes Web,” has been received by Mrs. Earl LeBrasseur, assistant librarian of the school and public library. She sent the book to the Kennedy children and the children’s library at the White House in observance of National Children’s Book Week. The new library collection at the White House will be announced soon.

• Another Garden area cow fell victim to a deer rifle last week, State Police have reported. A 1,000 pound animal belonging to Elmer Haas of Garden was killed late Friday or early Saturday, shot by a .30 caliber rifle as it grazed in its pasture. It was valued at $200. A whiteface steer was killed in the same sector the opening day of hunting season.

• A Greenville, Mich. man was guilty of illegally purchasing a bear, Justice Howard Magoon decided after a court trial on the charge Tuesday afternoon. He was fined $10 and $7.30 costs. A Germfask man pleaded guilty to selling the bear to the defendant. Although the hide and head can legally be sold, the entire carcass was stored in a cooler in Germfask in the defendants name. The Germfask man was fined $10 and $7.30 costs.

• Pat Grouleau poured in 47 points to lead the Nahma Arrows to a 85-73 victory at Cooks Tuesday night.

35 Years Ago November 22, 1978

• There’s the “turkey trot,” and “talking turkey,” and “you turkey,” but at Thanksgiving there’s only one type of turkey -- that’s the stuffed gobbler in the middle of the table. Betty LaBar specializes in turkeys, specifically the kind you stuff. She, her husband Merton, and their four children raised 57 turkeys this year for sale to the Thanksgiving market. Right now the LaBars are in the process of selling the birds to would be feasters at a price of 80 cents per pound live weight.

• Legislation proposing the de consolidation of the Germfask area from the Manistique Area School District will not be introduced into the 1978 session, Rep. Charles Varnum said Tuesday. Varnum said the legislation will instead be delayed until the start of the 1979 session in January, when the legislature will have time to review it. “We just didn’t have time this year,” Varnum said, “The education committee has already met for the last time.”

• Winners of the Manistique School-Public Library contest held for Children’s Book Week were selected by a panel of three judges Monday morning. Contestants drew a crayon illustration of their favorite book on a paper plate. Winners were: Amy Bowers, first grade, Lakeside School, “The Gingerbread Boy”; Austin Patty, second grade, Lakeside School, “Little Toot”; Jenny Lee, third grade, Hiawatha School, “What Bird Is It?”; John Benish, fourth grade, Lakeside School, “Kidnapped In Space”; Todd Nagel, fifth grade, Lakeside School, “The Littles”; Tom Williamson, sixth grade, Lakeside School, “The Pit and the Pendulum.” Judges were Caroline Stoll, artist and library board member, Sandy Letson, art teacher, and Kathryn Morski, reporter for the Pioneer-Tribune.

20 Years Ago November 25, 1993

• The Michigan State Police from the Manistique Post were led on a highspeed chase early Monday after stopping a vehicle for poaching. The incident occurred approximately five miles west of Manistique on Cnty. Rd. 442. The troopers came across a car that appeared to be broken down. When approaching the car, they spotted fresh blood on the trunk. Troopers said the 19-year-old driver of the vehicle opened the trunk to reveal a dead doe. Troopers took his car keys and arrested him for illegally taking a deer. There were three other men in the vehicle. Troopers said that while the driver was being detained in the police car, the car with the doe in the trunk sped off. One of the passengers had another set of keys. Troopers chased the car about a mile. The 29-year-old Manistique resident who was driving pulled over voluntarily and was arrested for driving under the influence of liquor according to troopers.

• Walt Schnell of Ashlund, Ohio got a big surprise while sitting in his deer blind near the West Branch of the Manistique River when a 300-400 pound cow moose walked in on him. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said. “It has got to be one of the ugliest animals I’ve ever seen.” Schnell said the moose was heading south toward town when it trotted down a deer run near his blind.

10 Years Ago November 20, 2003

• Manistique Area Schools Superintendent Ken Groh is retiring. At Monday night’s School Board meeting, Groh announced that he will step down June 30, 2004, after 31 years in education and nine-and-a-half years with the district.

• The Manistique Area Schools Academic Booster Club has honored its first “Students of the Quarter.” The new program recognizes Manistique Middle and High School students who make the honor roll and are Level One “All Stars” in the school’s Honor Level discipline system. All those meeting the criteria are eligible, and the winners are chosen by random drawing. The Students for the Quarter for the first marking period are: Courtney Hudberg, sixth grade; Lynnelle Tallman, seventh grade; Sarah Tobin, eighth grade; Erin Beckman ninth grade; Jodi Hatinger, tenth grade; Scott Baker, eleventh grade; and Amber Wood, twelfth grade.

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