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School official rated highly

Evaluation ends in good rating for superintendent

MANISTIQUE – Manistique Area Schools’ Superintendent Kathy McDonough has been rated “highly effective” by the Manistique Board of Education. The board decided upon the 2012-13 school year rating following an evaluation conducted during Monday’s meeting.

Members of the school board, along with McDonough, convened in closed session Monday to discuss the evaluation, which followed the Michigan Association of School Boards’ rubric. This rubric rates superintendents in 11 areas, including relationship with the board, staff relationships, personal qualities, progress toward the school improvement plan, and student growth and achievement.

In each area, the superintendent is given the opportunity to score a maximum of four points, which constitutes a “highly effective” ranking. There are also scores of one (ineffective), two (minimally effective), and three (effective). Each area is weighted with a different percentage out of 100.

Along with McDonough’s rating, the board will discuss her contract and any raises at its next meeting in December.

In other business, attendance at recent MAS parent teacher conferences was discussed. According to middle and high school Principal John Shiner, the conferences at school were “fairly” attended.

“I am going to start looking at ways to try to pick up the number of people,” he said. “I don’t know if we’re not announcing it well enough … I would like the numbers to be higher.”

On the other side of town, Emerald Elementary had much better news to report about the conferences.

“There was a great turnout,” said Principal Erik Mason. “There wouldn’t have been that great turnout if it wasn’t for the work and determination for not only setting it up … but also, the teachers themselves. If the teachers couldn’t make it on that particular day, they took time out of their schedule … to bring parents in morning or in the evening before or even after the conferences were done.”

Mason also explained the school had conducted a “pilot” conference with the three kindergarten classrooms. Children are rotated among these classrooms throughout the day, interacting with each teacher. Due to this rotation, Mason said he and the staff wanted to ensure all three teachers were able to interact with the parents.

“We set up the three kindergarten teachers to start their conferences during the school day,” he said. “They used the whole school day, and evening, to sit with parents so all three of them could be together.”

Mason said the teachers got a lot of “value” out of the sessions and all but two parents showed up.

The board also approved a budget adjustment.

“It’s a modest, positive improvement of $40,269,” said Mc- Donough. “It’s not negative, so that’s always a good amendment to have.”

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