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A Look Back at the... Pioneer-Tribune Archives

50 Years Ago November 14, 1963

• Manistique High School debaters have been invited to participate in the “Top Teams Tournament” at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant on Dec. 7. They will be the only school debaters from the Upper Peninsula among the dozen teams invited. The tournament is devised to give some of the best teams from various areas of the state an opportunity to meet in the geographical center of the state, and offers the chance for critique from university judges and the chance to try out new ideas and cases in debating. Schools participating are selected by a committee that considers the ability of the coaches, past records, and the indication of excellence for this year. The board of education approved participation in the event at their meeting Tuesday night, at an estimated cost of $136. Principal Marvin Frederickson is debate coach.

• The State Savings Bank of Manistique has completed payment of $25,000 stock dividend to its shareholders, and has also sold 1,000 new shares of stock, it was announced this week. These transactions increase the capital stock account from $150,000 to $200,000, President H. Keith Bundy said, and the surplus account from $150,000 to $175,000, making the total capital structure and reserves of the bank in excess of $600,000.

• An 800-pound whiteface steer became a casualty because of some nearsighted hunter last weekend. State Police and Conservation officers are investigating the shooting of the animal sometime Friday night, in its pasture near Garden. The animal, owned by Rev. I.N. Pollmateer, was valued at $200.

• Reports from the deer hunters: Billy Hentschell shot a spike horn opening day of the season, hunting near Thunder Lake. His companion, Jim Bonner, also was successful, getting a good sized doe. Ed Jorgenson filled his license opening day with a spike horn shot near Thunder Lake. Paul Perry, hunting near Isabella, filled his license with a 10 point buck Tuesday. Ken Jones filled his license with a 120 pound spike horn opening day. Sylvester Leny shot a 12 point, 225 pound buck while hunting near Lake Michigan by Gulliver. Joel Peterson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Peterson was successful Monday when he shot a spike horn in the south town area. He has been hunting with Rodney Weber.

35 Years Ago November 16, 1978

• The city’s Department of Public safety reminded area residents that Manistique’s new curfew law became effective at midnight Wednesday. The law prohibits children under the age of 17 to be in public in the city between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. unless they meet certain specific exceptions.

• The old bell in the Congregational Church in Garden tolled Sunday for the first time in 12 years. It was raised and rung again in memory of the late Ella Wozniak, who died three months ago. One of her dearest wishes was to restore the old church bell to its belfry atop the church. This was brought about by her husband Tom and her son David.

• The City of Manistique will hold a public hearing Monday, Nov. 27, on the proposed abandonment of the alley behind the First National Bank building. The bank is requesting that the alley be abandoned in order to permit the construction of a new bank facility, which is scheduled to be completed in about a year.

• Pete and Boyd Widdis of Manistique were among 63 people who started out in the recent Press On Regardless Road Rally held in the Copper Country. They drove their 510 Datsun over the 604 mile course to come in 18th in field of 28 who finished the race. The road rally was held with two kinds of courses; the first was the “special stages” where the roads were blocked off and contestants were allowed to travel as fast as possible; the second was the transit sections, when participants had to use the regular road system and proceed at normal traffic speeds. The Widdis Datsun was equipped with a beefed-up suspension system, a roll bar, extra lights and skid plates to protect the engine from rocks.

20 Years Ago November 18, 1993

• Drug use among teenagers is down in the Manistique area, but is still well above national averages for most categories studied. Alcohol is the most used drug in the area according to the survey conducted by the Manistique Area Schools and given to eighth, tenth and twelfth graders. In the eighth grade, 82 percent of the students have tried alcohol, 48 percent in the last month. The percentage of tenth graders ever using alcohol was 91 percent, 66 percent in the last month. The percentage of twelfth graders who ever used alcohol was 94 percent, 71 percent said they have tried alcohol in the last month. The numbers are high, but are down slightly from the levels in a survey taken in 1990.

• The Manistique Girls Varsity Basketball Team was represented well on the All-Mid-Peninsula Conference basketball team, with Alison Malloch named as a first-team player and Sue Fleck and Renae Kennedy making the secondteam.

• Big Bay de Noc High School recently defeated Bark River Harris High School 170-135, on WMNU-TV’s Upper Peninsula High School Bowl. Representing Big Bay de Noc were Jack Avery, Travis Gauthier, Jim Thill and Tony Ranguette. Alternates were Sid Lucas and Lee Thennes. They are coached by Joanne Annelin

10 Years Ago November 13, 2003

• Donations made in memory of a former Manistique Public safety Department officer have helped equip that department’s newest ambulance. A total of $1,600 was contributed by friends and family of David Neville, a former city officer who died Aug. 29. The money was used to buy important pieces of equipment for the new transfer ambulance, which was bought last summer for approximately $93,000.

• .Quick facts about Michigan’s 2003 deer hunting season: 775,000 - The number of hunters buying at last one license. 10 million - The total number of days spent by hunters in the field during all seasons. 107 to 108 million - The estimated size of Michigan’s deer herd. 480,000 - The estimated 2003 deer harvest. $500 million - The impact of hunting on Michigan’s economy, based on estimates of the amount of money hunters will spend.

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