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Jest for Fun

Lois A. Corcoran Lois A. Corcoran I come from a family of homebodies, with the exception of my sister. Joan lives to travel and views each new destination as sort of a Land of Oz.

I admire sis’s spirit of adventure but cannot relate. If there’s one thing don’t possess, it’s wanderlust. My husband Dan calls me his “house mouse”. The older I get, the less I like to leave home.

I’d be hard pressed to attend one of those destination weddings. These combine nuptials and a honeymoon in one exotic location. This necessitates that the bridal party and relatives make the trip, whether they want to or not.

I read about a gal who’s traveling around the world this year. She plans to stay in each country’s hostels till she returns to her native land. Better her than I.

Vacation commercials don’t move me, either. They show happy families enjoying the thrills of Disneyland, or couples strolling handin hand along sunset beaches. To 9 to 5-ers whose cubicle feels like a jail cell, these ads look mighty enticing.

What they fail to show is said tourists being all but strip searched at the airport. Hiring a detective to find their lost luggage. Or struggling to pay off the bank loan for a trip that’s long since passed.

Like my sister, some travel for the journey, not the destination. But a fair share trek for the wrong reasons, number one being status. “We traveled abroad this summer,” they brag, and return to bore everyone with mind-numbing details.

For some, it’s merely a chance to say “been there, done that”. A vacationer recalls the time he explored Ireland on a bicycle when a tour bus showed up. The occupants jumped out, took snapshots, and rode off in 10 minutes flat. Like, miss the moment much?

Some go for escape. Vacations are for “vacating’ one’s problems, right? But they’re right there to greet them when they return.

And travelers wanting to meet new people might consider getting to know their neighbors instead.

Even those who enjoy travel harbor beefs about the process, like the joy of packing – and unpacking. And the hours spent waiting: for a plane, a train, or a tour bus.

I avoid all of that by visiting “Oz” on the Internet. And when I’m done, I can sleep in my own bed. ‘Cause there’s no place like home.

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