2013-11-14 / Front Page

DIG work done, city has grant increased

After additional $96K cost, city receives more funding from DIG

MANISTIQUE – The Downtown Infrastructure Grant project is now officially finished, as Manistique City Council closed out the job at Tuesday’s meeting. The DIG project had involved the replacement of sewer, water and storm sewer lines in the downtown area of South Cedar Street, between Oak and Walnut streets

According to City Manager Sheila Aldrich, a “close out” hearing is a requirement of the CDBG DIG, which was administered by the Central Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Regional Commission. The grant was a combination of federal and Michigan Department of Transportation funds totaling $231,170.

While no members of the public attended the meeting to make comments on the project, Mayor Dave Peterson and Aldrich offered input – particularly addressing an increase in the grant amount.

“It’s highly unusual to get your grant increased to cover an additional cost,” said Aldrich.

The storm sewer portion of the project had been an unplanned addition to the project, after the construction crew working on the infrastructure discovered the line was approximately 100 years old. After originally planning to take the cost out of the Sewer Inflow and Infiltration and Major Street funds of the city budget, the city learned their grant would be increased to cover the approximately $96,000 addition line.

In other business, council reappointed members of the existing Manistique Senior Center Board, of which half will serve 2-year terms and half will serve 4-year terms. The board will also draw up new bylaws and a new lease for the center.

Council also scheduled a special meeting to take place Wednesday (after press time) to discuss the possible purchase or lease of a new front-end loader for the Manistique Department of Public Works.

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