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Fish Report

Well, here we are into November and I don’t care where you seem to travel to this time of year, the topic of conversation is usually about the upcoming deer season. I don’t care where I go in my travels it seems like the main topic of conversation about the deer season is the lack of deer people are seeing.

There seems to be a few pockets where people scouting an area or setting up their deer stand are seeing some deer, but as a whole, the reports I hear do not look good for the firearm deer season. Now there are always those that have nothing but a negative report on the deer season year after year, but this report I am hearing comes from good hunters that know what they are doing.

I guess we will just have to wait and see how things pan out.

The other thing I find really interesting in listening to the talk of deer hunters is what they feel is the reason for the deer numbers being way down in their hunting area. I know the DNR may not agree, but winter caused loss is not near the number one on their list.

A lot of hunters feel two of the main reasons are all the predators out there making a meal out of the fawns and any other deer they can catch. The other main reason given is the overwhelming number of “Indian licenses” being given out. They say in some cases there are families that have a dozen or more of these “Indian kill tags”. I don’t know what factors are really affecting the deer herd, but something surely is.

If we should have a real bad winter and another long, wet, cold, drawn out spring, things could get real interesting with our deer herd.

Speaking of deer and the hunting season, you all know that “Exspurts” are some of my favorite people and with this in mind I have to wonder who in the world ever thought up these time changes.

If any of you out there have come across just one person that likes these time changes you are sure way ahead of me. As my dad’s cousin that lived on a farm all his life up here in the U.P. and never changed his clock said, “The cows and the rest of the critters cannot tell if I were to change time, so I just leave it as it is and wait for spring when I will catch up again.”

You would not believe all the hunters that before the time change could get off work and still have daylight enough to get out to their stand and sit for a while. Now with the time change their hunting has come to a standstill.

So if there is someone out there who can give me a good valid reason for turning our clocks back please let me know. I’m sure I will not agree with you seeing my 70 year old body gets totally confused when we roll our clocks back.

In closing my article this week I would like to ask you to do something for me. As most of you that know me already know, my brother Tim lives in a home up in Hancock. For years Tim always took part in the Special Olympics they hold for people like him. If you have never been involved with Special Olympics there is no way I could ever tell how important it is to these kids.

So this coming Saturday those involved with Special Olympics are holding a can drive to raise money for their crew. So pick up all those cans you have laying around at camp and out in the garage and drop them off at the Manistique High School for Special Olympics. You know you really hate taking them back to the store so this is a good way to get out of doing that and helping with a great cause.

I have three big bags ready to go, so let’s drop off so many cans at the High School they will be swamped and have to figure out what to do with all of them.

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