2013-11-07 / News

MSP: Remember to drive safe in winter

LANSING – The weather is changing and the Michigan State Police encourages motorists to practice safe driving during inclement weather keeping in mind the following tips:

-Remember to buckle up and make sure everyone in your vehicle is buckled up. Thick outerwear can interfere with the proper harness fit of your child in their car seat so remove outerwear before harnessing a child and place blankets around your child after the harness is snug and secure.

-Remember to warm up your vehicle and clean your windows and mirrors completely off.

-Ensure you have plenty of washer fluid, verify your vehicles headlights and taillights are working and check your tire tread for adequate depth.

-Carry a cell phone with you in case of an emergency.

-Carry sand or kitty litter for traction, a snow shovel, flashlight, ice scraper, warm clothing, a blanket, water and a snack is always a good plan just in case your vehicle breaks down.

-Slow down and drive with headlights on in snowy or icy driving conditions. Doing so will reduce weather-related crashes, injuries, and traffic deaths.

-Allow extra time to get to your destination. It can take up to 10 times longer to stop in snowy or icy weather so look ahead and begin breaking well in advance of an intersection. Be aware that roads are most slippery when the temperature hovers around freezing and black ice can be deadly.

-Keep cruise control off as a sudden loss of traction could cause your wheels to slip, making the car skid.

Don’t text or engage in any other activities that may distract you while driving and remember to “Drive Slow on Ice and Snow.”

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