2013-11-07 / Community

District Court

Sheldon Harless Clemons, 75, Co. Rd. 442, Cooks, charged with no proof of insurance (8/13). Assessed $245.

Ann Charlotte Patrick, 60, Hancock St., Hancock, charged with driving 65 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone (10/13). Assessed $125.

Tracy Lynn Sanyal, 53, Oak Hill Dr., Marquette, charged with driving 60 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone (10/13). Assessed $100.

Devin Thane Lawrence, 41, U.S. Hwy. 2, Manistique, charged with expired operator’s license (7/13). Assessed $270.

Edwin Earl Chase, 82, Tuttle Rd., Germfask, charged with failing to stop for a school bus (10/13). Assessed $275.

Travis Tadao Kinomoto, N. Gulliver Lake Rd., Gulliver, charged with seatbelt violation (9/13). Assessed $65.

Jesse Williams Goudreau, 35, E. Court St., Drummond Island, charged with driving 60 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone (10/13). Assessed $100.

Matthew Michael Fiocohi, 36, E. Lincoln St., Negaunee, charged with causing/ allowing to operate overweight (10/13). Assessed $2,510.

Joseph McGuire LeDuc, 24, St, Hwy. M-149, Manistique, charged with failure to yield a signed intersection (10/13). Assessed $45.

Bruce Edward Rochefort, 43, N. Third St., Manistique, charge with no license plate (10/13). Assessed $135.

Matthew Haden Kelly, 16, Clark rd., Gulliver, charged with no ORV sticker (11/13). Assessed $133.

Kenneth Cecil Collins, 40, Truman Blvd., Newberry, pled guilty in 93rd District Court to one count of retail fraud – third degree (7/13). Assessed $50 state costs, $140 fine, $75 crime victim rights assessment, $210 attorney fees, $475 total. Ordered to serve five days in the Schoolcraft County jail with credit for one day served. Optional jail term 35 days.

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