2013-10-31 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, with snow flurries in the air, one has to consider getting his cold weather gear out for real. There is sure no doubt we are into the deer hunting type weather when the bucks are moving and things can get real interesting. Of course when a buck gets moving after a doe they get nuts and are totally unpredictable. It is the time of year all deer hunters wait for.

If you are out running around in the woods you know that the U.P’s second color season is in full swing. If you happen to be around a bog area or some of the smaller lakes surrounded by conifers, you will see that all the Tamarack are in their color peak. I guess this can be some of the prettiest color contrast you can enjoy out in the backwoods. I sure do enjoy the fall seasons up here.

We have all read all the predictions about the upcoming winter so I figured I would add my twocents worth. I told last week about how two of the grandsons both got a deer. Both of these deer had as much fat on them as I have ever seen on a deer. When cleaning them there were just gobs of fat.

In talking to others that shot a deer with their bow, they too said they had never seen so much fat on a deer as they seem to have this year. So for what it is worth, if this is truly a sign of rough weather coming down the road for our deer population it could be an interesting winter.

This past week I was going through some “stuff” (You have to remember I never throw anything away, I just relocate it to move it again later.) and I found two old pair of skis my grandpa had made for his grandkids back in the 50s.

This pair of skis may not be worth a whole lot but it sure brings back a lot of memories of the days back when you made gifts and had fun with them. My grandpa made all kinds of toys for his many grandkids and even some kids that were not part of his family. I still have a number of things from those years while growing up and why I hang on to them I will never know.

I thought you may enjoy this update on the Wisconsin wolf hunt.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has closed Wolf Harvest Zone 1 and Zone 5 to hunting and trapping of gray wolves effective Wednesday, Oct. 30, at 7 p.m. At that time, the zone is closed to any further hunting and trapping of wolves for the 2013-2014 wolf harvest season.

With these closures, a total of three wolf harvest zones have closed this season. Wolf hunters and trappers are advised they can currently continue to pursue wolves in Zones 3, 4, and 6.

The state wolf harvest quota for Zone 1 was set at 76 wolves and the closure process was initiated when 72 wolves were reported as harvested. The state wolf harvest quota for Zone 5 was set at 34 wolves and the closure process was initiated when 33 wolves were reported as harvested.

When additional zones are closed, the DNR will announce such closures by news releases, notification at dnr.wi.gov, and on the wolf callin number, (855) 299-9653. It is the hunter’s and trapper’s responsibility to check for and know about zone closures. The department encourages hunters and trappers to check the website or the call-in number daily.

“Our ultimate goal is to harvest 251 wolves, distributed across the landscape,” said David MacFarland, DNR large carnivore specialist. “The harvest zones are a tool by which we attempt to direct the harvest to achieve desired outcomes. The quotas concentrate hunting pressure more in areas with higher potential for conflicts, allowing for higher population densities in core habitat where potential for conflict is lower. This is our second season, and we continue to learn information about harvest success that will be valuable in future management decisions.”

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